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Guide to Lake Bled in Slovenia

Guide to Lake Bled in Slovenia

Bled in Slovenia is a destination that has received more attention in recent years, and more and more are discovering this beautiful gem. The biggest reason is undoubtedly Lake Bled with its iconic church in the middle of the water and of course all of the nice pictures on social media.

But there’s actually a lot more than that, both in Bled and the area around the lake. Last summer, I visited Bled and nearby Bohinj. Here’s a complete guide to Lake Bled and the surrounding areas where I share how to get there, activities and recommended accommodations.

Check out the photos below. Beautiful, right?

boat trip

Lake bled


More info about Bled in Slovenia

Bled is a small town in the Julian Alps. The city has since long ago been a tourist town, but was originally a spa town which naturopath Arnold Rikli helped develop. Today, people are traveling from all over the world to Bled to enjoy the beautiful scenery and surrounding areas.

The lake is 2.12 km long and between 0.5 to 1 km in width during summer. The water temperature is around 23-25 degrees in the summer. The lake freezes during the winter, and you can do ice-skating instead of rowing a boat. The iconic church in the middle of the water is located on a small island, which is popular to go to by a wooden boat. Price to rent a boat: about 8 euros for an hour.

Nearby there’s also a thermal lake where the water is used in swimming pools at two of the Lake Bled’s big hotels.

castle in Bled

slovenian church

How to get to Lake Bled

By Train

Lesce Bled International Station is along the train line between Villach-Jesenice – Ljubljana – Belgrade – Istanbul – Athens. From the train station is about 4 km. It’s easy to get to Bled from the train station by bus or taxi. You can also walk along a special route that is made for pedestrians and cyclists.

If you come from Italy, you can go by the train line that runs between Koper Gorizia-Nova Gorica-Jesenice and Villach. Hop off at the train station called “Bled Jezero” which is located 1 km from the city.

Another option is to take the train from Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany or Hungary to the capital Ljubljana and then from there transfer to a bus.

By Bus

From Ljubljana, buses leave every hour to Lake Bled. Buses are also available from across the country such as Jesevice and Bohinj. For those traveling from abroad, there are buses via Flixbus from Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich in Germany, and Rijeka and Pula in Croatia and Zurich in Switzerland.

Rental Car

Renting a car is the most convenient way to get around. It’s easier to go on day trips to other places nearby. Car hire is available on site, but it’s probably cheaper to rent a car in which you operate.

From Ljubljana to Bled, the motorway goes nearly all the way.

Flights to Slovenia

If there are no direct flights from your country to Slovenia, there are a lot of flights from Brussels, as well as from Italy.

Here you will find the cheapest flight tickets

Hotels and accommodation in Bled

Although the town is small, there are plenty of small hostels and hotels. If you go here during the off-season, it is cheaper to find accommodations when you get here since you can negotiate about the price. Otherwise, it’s best to book from home through a hotel booking site.

I recommend

Grand Hotel Toplice

A luxurious alternative that has everything one could need for a lovely vacation at Lake Bled. Breakfast is included, and guests can also enjoy a full spa. The rooms are spacious and modern.

The best thing though is the fabulous view over the lake.

Click here for photos, reviews and price

1a Adventure Hostel

If you’re traveling on a budget or rather spend money on activities and food; Then, 1a Adventure Hostel is the best choice. You get lots of value for your money, and the staff is kind and helpful.

As the name implies, one can also book adventurous activities through the hostel. The location is also great, right next to the train station Lesce-Bled. The hostel also offers a free shuttle to Lake Bled.

Click here for photos, reviews and price

Things to do in the surrounding area

Summer toboggan

A popular activity in the Alps. But it’s nothing for those who don’t like speed and adrenaline. Quickly it goes while you’re whizzing down the toboggan track.


Triglav National Park

Just at the foot of the Slovenian Alps is the Triglav National Park – a beautiful area with great hiking and pristine nature. Unlike Bled, the area around Triglav and Ribcev Laz has much fewer tourists. The National Park extends over a large area, and there are many activities such as rafting and canyoneering.


Slovenia’s capital is just 40 minutes away from Lake Bled by car. If you stay for a few days, then you should not miss a visit to Ljubljana, which is a real gem. In fact, one of Europe’s coziest capitals.

Read more about the tourist attractions and things to do in Ljubljana.


Approximately 20-30 minutes away is another beautiful lake called Bohinj. In my opinion, Bohinj is even more beautiful than Lake Bled, and clearly, something that shouldn’t be missed when traveling to this part of Slovenia. Bus, taxi, and guided tours are available.

The smoothest way to explore Bohinj and the are around the lake is by renting a car.


Flight tickets to Slovenia

Find hotels in Bled and Slovenia

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Friday 11th of May 2018

Beautiful insight! We were just planning a trip to Slovenia this summer! :) Great post! :)

The Common Wanderer

Wednesday 19th of October 2016

Lake Bled is absolute paradise. This is a brilliant guide!

Alexander Waltner

Wednesday 19th of October 2016

Thank you :) Yes, Lake Bled is gorgeous. Have you been to Bohinj as well?