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25 Interesting Facts about New York

25 Interesting Facts about New York

Here’s a list of 25 Interesting New York facts that you probably didn’t know.

And to make things a bit more fun, I want to challenge you. How many of these facts about New York City and the New Yorkers did you already know before reading this article? Share your result in the comment section!

It’s not illegal to go topless in New York

While you probably won’t see many topless people in The Big Apple, it’s pretty interesting to know that it’s not illegal. In 2018 there was even a “Go Topless Day Parade” where people walked around topless in the city.

Go Topless Day Parade


The first pizzeria in the United States opened in NYC in 1895

Another interesting fact about New York and the pizzas is that the price of pizzas and single ride tickets for the subway has remained pretty much equal for more than 50 years! Economists call this the pizza principle.

new york facts - dollar slice

The New York Public Library has over 50 million books

Consider yourself a bookworm? Then it would almost be a sin not visiting the Public Library which has over 50 million books available! The NYC Public library is open for visitors, and it also features a very beautiful interior. 

New York Public Library

More than 800 languages are being spoken in New York

Considering the fact that 37% of the NYC population comes from another country, you might not be surprised that there are a lot of languages spoken.

Some experts claim that there are more than 800 languages spoken in the city, and some others say it’s just a little over 200 different languages, but nonetheless, that’s a lot of languages!

One of the many interesting facts about New York! It’s such a diverse and multi-cultural city where you’ll hear some of the world’s most spoken languages as well as lesser spoken ones. 

new york facts

Brooklyn Bridge is older than Tower Bridge in London

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in the world, and so is the Tower Bridge in London, but the NYC bridge can flaunt with being 11 years older.

Brooklyn Bridge NYC

The average rent for a one-bedroom in Manhattan is US$ 3,400

Want to move to New York, namely to Manhattan? Then you need to save your bucks ahead. The average rent price is currently around 3400 USD per month.

Sure, there are some cheaper ones as well, so it’s good to remember that this number is an average of the most expensive and the cheapest rentals combined.

Nonetheless, quite higher than the average price worldwide for a one-bedroom. To make a comparison, you can easily find a one-bedroom in Greece for 350-400 USD per month.

Manhattan - facts about NYC

New York City’s Federal Reserve Bank has the largest gold storage in the world

Deep down in the heart of the financial district Wall Street, sits the largest storage of gold in the whole world. More than 7.000 tons of glittering gold bars, which is equivalent to about 5% of all the world’s gold ever mined.

Want to see it for yourself? Quite remarkably, public tours are being offered where you can get a closer look at the Federal Reserve Bank in NYC. 

The first European settlers in NYC were Dutch

Until 1898, the city was known as New Amsterdam. That changed when the city was gifted to the Duke of York on his 18th birthday. He then decided to rename the city to New York, which has stuck around ever since.

Small crustaceans can be found in the drinking water

The reason for this is the fact that the water is not getting filtered, but it’s still pure enough to drink, even though it’s probably best to filter the water before drinking. I recommend bringing a filtered water bottle if you’re coming as a tourist.

And don’t worry, the copepods are totally harmless and not something you notice, but vegans might not want to drink the water without filtering it first.


Home to the world’s first underground park

The success of the Highline gave rise to the new project and park called the Lowline. This is the first underground park in the world, and it’s located on Manhattan’s West Side.

It’s not yet completed, but the current date for the park to be fully completed is set to 2021, and then it will become the world’s first green space underground. 

There are more than 380,000 millionaires in the city

In addition to that, NYC is also home to the most billionaires in the world. However, Tokyo is the city that can claim the title of being home to most millionaires.

Honking your car horn is illegal

Except for emergencies, honking your car horn is actually illegal in New York City. But of course, most people, if any don’t care about this, and you will not be walking far before you hear someone honking their car horn.

honking car

Grand Central Terminal has a ‘Whispering Gallery’

The Grand Central Terminal is an architectonic masterpiece and the interior is absolutely beautiful to look at. However, that’s not all that comes with this extravagant train station.

Another interesting spot that you shouldn’t miss – The Whispering Gallery. Here you can stand at opposite diagonal corners and whisper to the ones standing on the other side of the room.

Grand Central Terminal

The Statue of Liberty was gifted by the French

Did you think that the Statue of Liberty was built in New York? Guess again. It was actually a gift from the People of France to the People of the United Stated back in 1886. This iconic statue is visited by millions of people each year!

statue of liberty facts

Times Square is named after the New York Times

Before the New York Times moved to Times Square, this place was known as Longacre SquareOne of the many interesting facts about New York that you probably didn’t know before reading this!

Times Square

Photo: Luciano Mortula – LGM /

5 x Fun facts about New York City

  • New Yorkers bite 10 times more people than sharks do worldwide each year
  • The ice cream cone, pasta primavera, and eggs Benedict were all invented in New York City
  • Albert Einstein’s brain and eyeballs are kept in a safe box in the city
  • There are more women than men in NYC
  • New York City homeowners can request that a tree gets planted outside their homes for free

5 x New York Facts for kids

  • New York City is made up of five boroughs: Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island
  • The Empire State building gets hit by lightning about 23 times per year
  • New York City is the largest city in the United States
  • There is a birth in NYC every 4.4 minutes
  • New York gets 15 times as much snow as the South Pole
facts about new york snow

Snow Day – Facts about New York – Photo: Shutterstock

General Facts about New York City

  • Mayor: Bill de Blasio
  • Founded: 1624
  • Nickname for inhabitants: New Yorker
  • Population: 8,622,698
  • State: New York State
  • Country: the United States of America
  • Time Zone: Eastern (EST) (UTC−5) and during summertime UTC-4.
  • Official Website:
 • Total 468.484 sq mi (1,213.37 km2)
 • Land 302.643 sq mi (783.84 km2)
 • Water 165.841 sq mi (429.53 km2)
 • Metro 13,318 sq mi (34,490 km2)


How many of these New York Facts did you already know? Share your result in the comment section below!

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Wednesday 22nd of May 2019

i thought there was 25

Alexander Waltner

Friday 14th of June 2019

Yes, there are 25 facts about New York in the article. 15 first, and then 5 fun facts and 5 New York facts for kids :) 15+5+5 = 25

Randye Goldstein

Sunday 14th of October 2018


Does anyone know about this?

42 years ago I lived on Roosevelt Island. At that time, somewhere between 1977 and 1983, I remember periodically hearing and seeing a bagpiper on the Manhattan side of the East River..It may have been under the FDR or closer to the bank of of the river.

Needless to say that this is an odd experience. .But it's unusual enough that I don't think I imagined it. Would you mind asking members if anyone knows about this?

Thanks very much.