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Ice and Light Village in northern Sweden – Stay inside an Igloo

Ice and Light Village in northern Sweden – Stay inside an Igloo

Ice and Light Village is a unique hotel located right outside Kalix in northern Sweden. Here, you can stay overnight in an igloo next to the Kalix river with a chance of seeing the northern lights from your bed. 

There are large windows facing the river as well as in the ceiling, giving you an epic view of the starry sky from the bedroom. You also have access to a patio inside the igloo’s outer shell with large windows and panoramic views of the river.

Ice and Light Village is a perfect place to go to unwind and get a special experience in Sweden. The igloo is relatively simple and compact, yet features everything you need for a lovely getaway, including a large and comfortable bed, toilet, and shower. 

The surrounding area is peaceful and quiet. And it’s especially beautiful as the warm light from the igloos shines through and gives a nice and cozy contrast to the dark sky. 

Ice and Light Village igloo

The igloo and outdoor seating area

The igloo itself is built like an outer shell on top of a small house where the bedroom and bathroom are located. As for the patio, it’s also situated within the igloo, which makes it more isolated from the cold outside. 

There is also a kind of heater in the patio, which is there to ensure that there is no frost or snow on the windows blocking the view. However, the heater also makes it several degrees warmer on the patio, and it’s comfy and cozy to sit there with a sweater or a light jacket in the winter. 

You can easily spend several hours here, just sitting with your partner and enjoy the views and some quality time together. Or why not enjoy a delicious dinner from Arvids matstudio, which will deliver tapas from northern Sweden for two. 

Go for some wine or another beverage of your liking, and you’ll get a romantic and memorable stay for sure. This place is made for romance with gorgeous views of the Kalix River, and if you’re lucky even the northern lights. 

Ice and Light Village utsida

Further down in this article, you can read more about the food from Arvids matstudio, what’s included and how much it cost. I can warmly recommend you to try it, and the food was delicious with smooth delivery. 

Iceandlight Swedish Nomad

The inside

But what about the inside of the igloo? As already mentioned, each igloo has an outer shell and kind of a small house inside. This is where you have the bedroom as well as the bathroom and large windows facing the river. 

The bathroom is equipped with a cinderella toilet, sink, and shower. The bedroom features a large double bed with a nice mattress, pillows, and duvet. 

Each igloo at Ice and Light Village has its own theme with individual color them and canvas above the bead. Other than that, they are more or less the same interiorwise with a bad, armchairs, bathroom, power outlets and an outdoor patio. 

Room details

  • Hot water
  • Non-smoking
  • Private bathroom with toilet and shower
  • Tea/Coffee and a kettle to boil water
  • Twin beds or double bed

Ice and Light Village insida

Breakfast on the bed with a view

Each morning, there’s a breakfast package ready in the fridge outside the small house inside the igloo. It varies from day to day what you get, but typically, there will be juice, yogurt, sandwiches, and some fruit. 

If you have special requests, talk to the staff and they will likely be able to arrange something for you. 

Enjoying this breakfast in your bed with a view of the Kalix River is definitely a great start to your day. Each room comes with a kettle where you can boil water for tea or instant coffee. There’s also a supermarket in Kalix, about 5 minutes driving by car. 

Ice and Light Village frukost

Food delivery from Arvids matstudio

Ice and Light Village doesn’t have a restaurant on-site, but I can warmly recommend ordering a gourmet-plate from Arvids matstudio, which is delivered to your igloo. 

The food can be described as tapas from the north with local produce, fruits, and charcuterie. It features interesting flavor combinations, and it’s perfect for two persons. 

This food experience is made in a collaboration between Arvids matstudio and Ice & Light, so if you want to get this, just tell Maarit, and she will help you to arrange it. The price for the food is 600 SEK per person. 

Examples of foods

  • Kalix Löjrom
  • Rye basket with polar rainbow
  • Flatbread from Kalix
  • Olives
  • Artichoke
  • Sun-dried tomatoes
  • Charcuterie
  • Fruit
  • Smoked reindeer meat
  • Red onion cheesecake topped with char
  • Almond potato chips
  • Cloudberry jam
  • Västerbotten cheese
  • Kalix cheese
  • Chevré & beetroot
  • Klådda
  • Smoked whitefish (Sik)

Wine package

  • Vinpaket Basic 850 SEK (Sparkling + Red or white wine)
  • Vinpaket Premium 1600 SEK (Champagne + Red wine)

Arvids Matstudio Kalix


There are many fun activities available in the nearby area, but they will differ a lot depending on if you visit Ice and Light Village during winter or summer. Below are some examples of popular activities. 

  • Boat tour on the river
  • Kayak
  • Watch the northern lights
  • Polar Explorer – Day trip with an icebreaker
  • Dog-sledding
  • Cross-country skiing

Another great activity is to simply do nothing more than relax, and just enjoy the calm and closeness to nature. An activity that is often forgotten in our modern society. 

Ice and Light Village aktiviteter

General information

Here’s some contact info, including address, website, and phone number. The owner Maarit is very friendly and service-minded. 

Frequently asked questions and answers

How much does it cost to stay at Ice and Light Village?

The price depends on several factors, but mostly on the date, and if it’s low-season or high-season. You can always check your preferred dates and updated prices on their website. 

  • Price example from 29 January 2021: 1690 SEK.
  • Price example from 26 February 2021: 2190 SEK. 

Ice & Light

Is there any shower or toilet? 

Yes, there’s a shower with 60 liters of water. The toilet is a so-called Cinderella toilet, where you put a filter, which is later burnt along with your waste. Very simple and environmental-friendly. 

When can you see the northern lights? 

The northern light can be seen throughout the winter. Normally from October to March, but sometimes earlier or later than that. To be able to see it, the sky needs to be dark and without clouds. There also needs to be some aurora-activity. 

You can download an app to view the northern lights activity and when there’s the best chance according to the latest forecast of Aurora Borealis. With that said, Ice and Light Village is a great place since it’s located near the Arctic circle. 

Are dogs allowed in Ice and Light Village? 

There is one igloo where you can bring your dog. However, you need to call in advance to ensure it’s available for your preferred dates. 

Is it cold inside the igloo?

No, it is warm and cozy inside. You don’t need to worry about freezing. On the patio, it’s colder, but warm enough to sit there with your outerwear. When the heater is turned on, you can sit outside with just pants and a sweater during the winter. 

How many persons can stay inside the igloo? 

These igloos at Ice and Light Village are built for two persons as a double room. But there are two igloos available with an extra bed, although it can be a bit cramped inside. 

Ice and Light Village igloo

Do you have more questions about Ice and Light Village in Sweden? Leave a comment below!