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Highest Mountains in Norway

Highest Mountains in Norway

Here’s a list of the highest mountains in Norway ranked by their total height. All of the tallest mountains in Norway are located in the counties of Oppland and Sogn og Fjordane.

The highest mountain in Norway is Galdhøpiggen, which has its highest peak at 2469 meters above the sea. It’s also the tallest mountain in all of Scandinavia and Northern Europe.


Galdhøpiggen is the tallest mountain in Norway at 2469 meters. The mountain is located in Jotunheimen, which has gotten its name from the Giant’s home from the Nordic mythology and the Vikings.

Among the highest Norwegian mountains, Galdhøpiggen is one of the easiest peaks to climb. You don’t have to hike too far either since you can drive up to a height of 1800 meters and park at the Juvasshytta.

Every year, thousands of Norwegians and international tourists climb and conquer Galdhøpiggen. The view from the top of Galdhøpiggen is incredible, especially when the weather is nice and clear.

Height: 2469 meters above the sea

Galdhøpiggen highest mountain in Norway

Photo: Gertjan Hooijer/Shutterstock


The latest measurement of Glittertind was 2465 meters above the sea inclusive of the ice-covered peak. That is only four meters lower than Galdhøpiggen, which doesn’t have a glacier on its top.

It’s possible to climb Glittertind without any special gear and the starting point is from Glitterheims fjällstuga or Spiterstulen fjällstation. The hiking takes 8-9 hours back and forth, which makes it possible to achieve in one day.

Contrary to Galdhøpiggen, there aren’t as many visitors who ascend to the top of Glittertind.

Height: 2465 meters above the sea

Glittertinden - The second tallest mountain in Norway

Photo: Arne JW Kolstoe/Shutterstock

Store Skagastølstinden

Store Skagastølstind is the third highest peak in Norway and is also known as Støren. To get to the top that measures 2405 meters, you’ll need to climb up to the pointy peak.

Height: 2405 meters above the sea

Tallest mountains in Norway

Photo: Tore Røraas [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Store Styggedalstinden

Styggedalstinden has two mountain peaks that are almost the same height, Vesttoppen, and Østtoppen. The highest peak in Store Styggedalstinden is Østtoppen which measures 2387 meters, and Vesttoppen reaches 2383 meters.

Nearby, you’ll also find another tall peak, namely Gertvasstind. This mountain is also located in Jotunheimen in the western part of the national park.

Height: 2387 meters above the sea


Photo: Toreroraas


Skarstind is also located in Jotunheimen national park, but closer to Galdhøpiggen and Storjuvtinden. The tallest peak of Skarstind measures 2372 meters and has a distinct look and several nearby peaks to climb.

Height: 2373 meters above the sea


Photo: Jancr0207


Veslepiggen is also known as Vesle Galdhøpiggen, which means “little Galdhøpiggen” since the peak is located just a couple of hundred meters from the highest mountain in Norway.

Veslepiggen’s highest peak measures 2369 meters and from here you’ll get some spectacular views.

Height: 2369 meters above the sea



Surtningssue is another tall mountain in Norway and it measures 2367 meters above the sea. The climb of Surtningssue often starts from Memurubu’s tourist cabins. South of the highest peak, there is also Sørtoppen, which is located at 2302 meters above the sea.

Height: 2367 meters above the sea


Photo: Toreroraas

Store Memurutinden

Store Memurutinden is the eighth highest mountain in Norway and is also a part of Jotunheimen. It’s the tallest peak in the Memuru valley with a height of 2367 meters.

Height: 2367 meters above the sea


Photo: Frankemann


Gertvasstind, also known as Jervasstind is a spectacular peak that is part of the Styggedalsryggen. It measures 2351 meters above the sea and from here, you’ll get an amazing view.

Height: 2351 meters above the sea


Sentraltind is a part of the mountain range Jotunheimen and Hurrungane where several of the tallest mountains in Norway are located. 

Height: 2348 meters above the sea


Photo: Toreroraas

More about the tallest mountains in Norway

Every single one of the 25 highest mountains in Norway is located in the counties of Oppland and Sogn og Fjordane. In total, there are 185 Norwegian mountains that measure over 2000 meters. The Scandes is a long mountain range where the highest mountain in Sweden is included as well as the tallest peaks in Norway. 

In Norwegian, it’s known as Nordryggen and it is here that you’ll find Jotunheimen where Norway’s tallest mountain is located. One interesting thing to note is the fact that Glittertind can occasionally take over the first place if including the ice cap. 

However, if you measure only solid rock, Glittertind is the second tallest mountain in Norway with a height of 2452 meters.

List of the tallest mountains in Norway

Photo: OysteinC3/Shutterstock

Ranking Name Meters above the sea
1 Galdhøpiggen 2469
2 Glittertind 2465
3 Store Skagastølstinden 2405
4 Store Styggedalstinden 2387
5 Skarstind 2377
6 Vesle Galdhøpiggen 2369
7 Surtningssue 2368
8 Store Memurutinden 2366
9 Jervvasstind 2351
10 Sentraltind 2348
11 Store Hellstugutinden 2346
12 Storjuvtinden  2344
13 Store Knutsholstinden 2340
14 Vetle Skagastølstind 2340
15 Midtre Hellstugutinden 2339
16 Leirhøi 2330
17 Tjørnholstind 2329
18 Bukkehøe 2314
19 Store Tverråtinden 2309
20 Tverråtinden 2302
21 Memurutinden 2301
22 Trollsteinseggi 2300
23 Leirungstinden 2288
24 Snøhetta Stortoppen 2286
25 Galdhøi 2283

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