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8 Fruits in Greece that you should try while visiting

8 Fruits in Greece that you should try while visiting

Curious about fruits in Greece? Due to its Mediterranean location and favorable climate, plenty of fruits can grow here naturally. Which fruits that are available depend also on the season, but summer especially is heaven for fruit lovers like me.

I love visiting the local markets in Greece because the fruit and veggies are not just plenty, they are also fresh, delicious and cheap!

To make it easier for you, here’s a list of 8 Greek fruits that you should try while visiting!

1. Quince

The Quince fruit is similar to a pear or apple in appearance, but the similarities stop there. To Greeks, the fruit used to be known as Cydonian Pome, associated with Cydonia on Crete. 

It is not a fruit that should be eaten fresh though, most people find it too hard and sour. The Quince fruit is best eaten after sufficient cooking, as it brings out the sweetness and makes it softer. 

Interesting Fact: Quince is the fruit that Paris gave to the goddess Aphrodite. 


Photo: Shutterstock

2. Melons

Melons, Melons, Melons, these are the kings of fruits in Greece. I love them, and nothing is better to bring as a snack on the beach. Honeydew melons are some of my favorites, and there are lots of them available during summer. 

They’re usually available in both supermarkets and local markets, so you won’t have a hard time finding them. 


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3. Watermelon

After honeydew melons, my next favorite is watermelon. Greek watermelons are very refreshing, cheap and BIG. 

It’s common to be served watermelon after dinner at local tavernas. 

Watermelon Greece

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4. Figs

Another treat that is widely available from August to September – Figs! 

Fig trees are very common, and you will even find them along roadsides. Kalamata and Evia are especially famous for their mouthwatering figs. 

Greek Figs

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5. Peaches

From late May to August, you will find an abundance of peaches in Greece. These mouthwatering fruits are of course also cultivated in other countries, but the Greek peaches are something special. 

Peaches in Greece

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6. Nectarines

Another summer fruit that has its season from June to August. Nectarines are very similar to peaches, but they don’t have that fuzzy coating like peaches, and Nectarines tend to be a bit smaller than peaches. 

Some say that Nectarines are juicier than peaches, but to me, it seems to depend more on the individual fruit from case to case. 

Greek Nectarines

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7. Orange

Fresh orange juice is some of the luxuries one can enjoy while traveling to Greece. There are several varieties cultivated, but the local oranges are Chiou, Artas, and Soltani of Fodele.

Other than that, Valencia + Merlin and Sanguines are grown here as well. Greece is actually a big orange producer, and they grow oranges year round.

The local orange variety of Chiou ripens in mid-November, Artas in January and Soltani of Fodele in December. 

Greek orange

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8. Lemons

Just like oranges, there are many lemon trees around Greece, and while driving around it will seem like almost every house has their own lemon tree. 

Mediterranean lemons are generally very juicy, sour and have that perfect taste and sourness that you expect from a fresh lemon. Greek lemons are not an exception, and it’s definitely a Greek fruit that shouldn’t be missed. 

The best citrus fruits are from Peloponnese, in the regions of Laconia and Crete. 


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Where to buy fruits in Greece

I love strolling around the local Greek markets. If you’re driving around the islands by scooter, it’s also easy to stop by at farms or roadside stalls where they sell various fruit and vegetables according to the season. 

Most supermarkets also sell local fruits, but for some reason, I almost always have found them to be tastier at local markets. 

Greek fruit market

Other fruits that are grown in Greece

  • Strawberry
  • Kiwi
  • Mandarins
  • Cherries
  • Grapes

Have you eaten any fruits in Greece? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section below!