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A couple of weeks ago Christine and I went on a short road trip around my home region Skåne, in Southern Sweden. And here’s a gallery of my favorite photos. To make it even more special we had the chance to borrow traditional costumes, and I must say that it was so much fun wearing them!

It was the first time ever that I have worn a Swedish folk costume, and I must say that I’m quite happy with the results. Here below are 20 of my favorite photos and some text about each place.

Hope you will like my photos!


Trolleholms slott is a magical castle, that unfortunately is privately owned, but we were lucky to get permission to do a photo shoot here. Otherwise, the castle is open for members only and companies having conferences and meetings.


And, yes we felt like a prince and princess for sure while strolling around the castle garden!



Ystad is a lovely quaint town in Eastern Skåne. It wasn’t the first time visiting, as my grandmother lives there, but oh boy what a beautiful and charming town, filled with picturesque little streets and old houses!



Lund – Another popular city in Skåne, normally a student town, but also more and more popular among families and elders. We started our day by the Dome Church, which is absolutely stunning! It’s a really old church, and if you come to Lund, you shouldn’t miss visiting this place.

Lunds domkyrka i skåne


Maldives, Caribbean, Thailand? Well, actually it’s in Skåne. This beach is called Sandhammaren, and it’s one of Sweden’s best beaches, especially if you like powder white sand and clear turquoise water.



Driving towards Kivik, you will find Stenshuvud national park, which also has a well-known beach.

Stenshuvud nationalpark

Stenshuvud nationalpark

And Skåne wouldn’t be Skåne if it weren’t for the golden landscapes. It’s so beautiful driving around the countryside, enjoying the shifting colors and incredible views.

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The golden canola fields. A magical phenomen that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. It’s best seen close up or from above in an airplane. skåne

Trollenäs slott

Trollenäs slott

marsvinsholms slott

Marsvinsholms slott

Never before have I seen a tree this photogenic. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful trees I’ve ever seen with my own eyes.

To wander through the woods is always something that we love to do, and it sure is magical being that close to nature.

t We were actually quite lucky that we found a canola field in bloom, because the majority of them had already finished blooming. But just before driving back home, we found this canola field next to Hjularöd’s Castle.

Did you like some of our photos? Feel free to leave a comment or share the article on your social media channels! All photos are taken by me or Christine, and the photos where we’re both in it, are taken with a tripod and self-timer.

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    I read your article about Southern Sweden and i really liked it! I am a big fan of Sweden. I went there a few years ago but after looking at your photos, i realized that i definitely need to go again!

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    Just read this article & never knew Sweden is this beautiful, really like this article. I’d love to travel there someday.

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