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Last updated: December 29, 2017

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions that I get almost on a daily basis. Click on the question you want to have an answer to, and the answer box will expand. If you got more questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Right now I’ve visited 50 countries where most of them are within Europe and Asia.

Hard to say, but if I have to choose I would say Greece, otherwise Japan and Spain as well. There are many countries that I like, and until this point I feel that every destination is unique and has something interesting to offer!

I’m born 1990 and I’m currently 27 years old (young).

I Photograph in RAW-format and make color correction/edit in Adobe Lightroom.

Normally I’m shooting with a Nikon D500 along with a Tokina 11-16 mm or Tamron 18-300 mm. For videos, I use a GoPro Hero 6 and the Karma Grip or my Mavic Pro drone from DJI.

A very common question I get, which might not be that odd, but the answer is really simple. Some people think that I use photoshop and remove people from my photos, but I don’t.

The simple answer is that I get up early in the morning before/at sunrise. Most tourists aren’t awake 6’o clock in the morning, which makes it possible for me to photograph popular places without the crowds. In addition to that, the light is also better in the morning, so there are only benefits by rising early!

Sure. There is actually lots of simple tricks you can learn that will make a big difference.

Read my 12 simple tricks to become a better photographer or my guide to take better pictures with your smartphone

Yes! There is actually a lot of things you could do to get more followers on Instagram, but here are a few general tips to start with.

  • Stick to a theme, for example, if you have a travel account you should only post travel pics
  • Make sure that your feed looks nice and well planned (similar color theme, patterns, e.g every other light or dark photo)
  • Always answer comments!
  • Comment and like other people’s photos (networking is really important)
  • Use relevant hashtags (for example, if you post a photo of a beach, don’t use the hashtag city)
  • Send your photos to feature accounts and get them shared
  • Make sure to have a killer BIO that is nice and easy to understand
  • Have a profile pic that stands out from the crowd
  • Make sure to have a compelling and memorable username
  • Link to your Instagram on your blog/Facebook/Twitter and so on

In short: Momondo, Kayak or Skyscanner. But there are of course a lot more to it that you should know to find the cheapest flight tickets!

Here is my guide with the art of finding cheap flights around the world

In general I would say Hotels.com and Booking.com but there are a few others worth mentioning that are better in some situations.

Here are my best tips for choosing the best booking site for hotel rooms and when/where/how you get the most out of them.