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25 Interesting Facts about Christianity

25 Interesting Facts about Christianity


Want to know some facts about Christianity? It’s one of the main religions of the world and throughout centuries it has shaped the world into what it is today.

As part of my series about facts about various religions in the world, I’ve made this list of 25 facts about Christianity that you should know about. 

No matter if you’re a Christian yourself it’s important to learn about other cultures and religions in order to understand each other better and share this world peacefully.

There are many interesting Christianity facts and some shocking truths about Christianity as well that you perhaps didn’t know about before reading this. 

Christianity is the world’s largest religion

There are more than 2.4 billion Christians worldwide, which makes Christianity the largest religion in the world. However, in the near future, it is very likely that Islam will surpass and become the most followed religion since it’s the fastest-growing religion at the moment. 

Christian people

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There are three main branches of Christianity

Christianity actually has lots of denominations but is often divided into three main branches, which are Catholicism, Orthodox, and Protestantism.

Sometimes the religion is divided even further into 5 main branches which are the Church of the East, Oriental Orthodoxy, Eastern Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism. 

And within these branches, there are even more denominations. About 50% of all Christians are Catholics and hold the Pope as their highest spiritual leader. This is definitely one of the many interesting facts about Christianity! 

catholic branch

Christianity has 10 commandments

Just like other religions, there are usually some set rules that every devoted follower should obey. The 10 commandments were given to Moses by God and are basically the laws of God that each faithful Christian needs to follow. 

If you break any of these commandments you have sinned.

10 commandments of christianity

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Sunday is the holy day

In Judaism, the holiest day is Saturday, and for Muslims, it’s Friday. But in Christianity, Sunday is regarded as the holy day of the week and this is also when people should rest. 

In Western countries, Sunday has historically been a day off work where almost all stores and businesses will be closed. The most important mass is also held on Sundays in the churches. Sundays are dedicated to the lord and worship. 

priest with bible

Easter is one of the main holidays

While Easter starts off with a gruesome reminder of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Good Friday, it ends more happily with the celebration of his resurrection.

Easter is the biggest holiday within Christianity and in addition to family dinners, large masses are held in churches around the world. 

Christian facts for kids

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There is no original Bible dating back to Jesus

Many people imagine the origin of the Bible as a single book, but it’s, in fact, an anthology of 66 books with various authors. The first printed bible dates back to 1455, and it’s known as the Gutenberg Bible, which is also the first book ever printed. 

It has been written and rewritten many times and even translated into more than 3000 languages during a period of approximately 1400 years. Furthermore, the oldest version existing of the Old testament dates back to the 2nd century BC.

As for the New Testament, there are also no original manuscripts of the scripture, but thanks to fragments and early copies, scholars are fairly certain that the Bible of today is more or less the same as it was originally written.

First book of moses

Approximately 100 million bibles are sold every year

Since the first printed Bible, the Holy book of Christianity has spread worldwide, and it consistently ranks as the most popular book in many countries around the world. An estimated 100 million Bibles are sold each year. 

The holy bible

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Christianity is one of three Abrahamic religions

Another interesting fact about Christianity is that it has the same god as Judaism and Islam. They all stem from the same origins of Abraham, and it’s known as one of the Abrahamic religions. 

Despite many differences between the three religions, there are also many similarities, and many of the characters mentioned in each holy book are the same person. For example, Jesus is mentioned many times in the Quran and is seen as one of the prophets. 


Jerusalem is the holiest city within Christian faith

Jerusalem is perhaps the holiest city in the world since it’s an important site for Jews, Christians as well as Muslims. In Christianity, there are many important places around Jerusalem, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is located here. 

Every year, many Christians travel to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage route to visit the ancient places of Jesus and other important Biblical characters. 

Church of the holy sephulcer

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Christianity teaches about heaven and hell

All branches of Christianity teach about heaven and hell. Heaven is the place where all faithful Christians will live for eternity in happiness and peace with God, and hell is where Satan (the Devil) resides. 

Hell is where you will end up if have sinned. What actually happens before going to hell differs somewhat between the Christian branches, but in each denomination, it’s an important part of the teachings. 

concept of hell

Most Christians are praying daily but it’s not mandatory

Prayer is an important part of Christianity, and most Christians will pray on a daily basis and say their grace to appreciate God’s blessings. Whenever you attend a mass in church, there will be praying during the service as well. 

But unlike Islam where a good Muslim should pray 5 times a day, there is no obligation to pray every day in order to be a good Christian.

Christian Praying

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You get baptized to get rid of your original sin

Every Christian should be baptized in order to cleanse your soul and become free of your original sin. Since the sin of Adam and Eve, the first people who ate from the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden, every human has inherited their sin. 

In Christianity, most babies get baptized after a short while, but it’s also possible to get baptized later on in life.

The Priest will dip your head into holy water and follow the 4 steps of baptism, which are: Repent to God; Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ; Be baptized; Receive the Holy Spirit.

Christian Baptism

There are more than 316 000 missionaries worldwide

If you wonder how Christianity has spread to all continents around the world, the answer is a mix of missionaries and colonialism. Today, there are more than 316 000 missionaries traveling the world to spread the words of the Bible. 

One notable missionary who gained media attention worldwide recently tried to reach the Sentinelese to convert the native tribes to Christianity.

Some Christian denominations have more missionaries than others, and some also go from door to door to teach about their faith and God, such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Christian Missionary

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The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit

Also known as the Holy Trinity, which basically means that God is one God, but appears in three Divine persons. These are The Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit.

This can be quite confusing for non-Christians as it could easily be interpreted that they are different beings, but they are all the same Divine being. 

Holy Trinity

God created the world in seven days

While Scientists claim that Big Bang is the event that created the world, Christians believe that it was created by God in a period of the following seven days. 

  • Day 1: Light
  • Day 2: Atmosphere / Firmament
  • Day 3: Dry ground & plants
  • Day 4: Sun, moon & stars
  • Day 5: Birds & sea animals
  • Day 6: Land animals & humans
  • Day 7: The Sabbath of rest
Christianity information

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5 x Christianity facts for kids

  • Christians believe in one god, it’s a monotheistic religion
  • Mary was the mother of Jesus
  • Monks and Nuns are devoted followers of Christianity
  • The Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church
  • About 71 percent of Americans identify as Christian
facts about christians

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Shocking facts about Christianity

  • Exorcism is still performed by priests
  • More than 70 million people have been killed for their Christian faith
  • The Crusades were a series of wars against the Muslims in the 11th century until the 13th century
  • The Church murdered and persecuted godless and non-christian people during the holy inquisition
  • Christianity was spread worldwide during the colonial period, sometimes by force
  • There are 6 eternal sins that will not be forgiven by God. These eternal sins are Despair, Presumption, Envying the goodness of another, obstinacy in sin, Final impenitence, impugning the known truth
Christianity facts

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5 x Jesus Facts

  • Jesus is mentioned more times in the Quran than Muhammad
  • Jesus was most likely not born on the 25th of December
  • It’s most likely that Jesus wasn’t white or had long hair
  • Jesus had several siblings and some of them are mentioned by name 
  • Jesus had 12 Apostles
Jesus Facts

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General information about Christianity

  • Total followers: 2.4 billion people
  • Holy Script: The Bible
  • Founding year: Sometime in the 1st century
  • Founder: Jesus of Nazareth
  • Main Branches: Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodox
  • Adherents: Christians
General facts about Christianity

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More thoughts about Christianity

There is no doubt that Christianity has had a huge part in shaping the world into what we know it as today. For centuries, the Church has held huge power in many countries around the world, and still do today in some aspects. 

Many of the laws in Western society has origins in the Bible, and much of the moral beliefs of right or wrong also has origins from the teachings of Jesus. This also holds true for many Atheists growing up in Christian countries. 

There are many interesting facts about Christianity and its history that is worth learning more about, even if you’re not a Christian. In modern society, much of the Christian traditions and rules have slowly changed to fit a changing world. 

The church has also endured many controversies in recent years with priests taking advantage of faithful Christians as well as monks/nuns who have performed various sins. In many Western countries, Christianity is in decline as more and more people turn to Atheism. 

However, in Africa for example, there is an increase in Christian devotees, and by 2050 it’s expected that the continent will be home to most Christians in the world with more than 1.25 billion followers. 

Latin America also has a large share of Christian followers as well as the Philippines, so while Christianity decreases in Europe, it increases around the world, especially in poorer countries. This is definitely one of the many interesting facts about Christianity. 

Christian facts

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Respect, knowledge, and acceptance

I’m a firm believer in every human’s right to exist and the same value. No matter if you’re Christian, Non-religious, or follow any other religion in the world, we need respect and knowledge. 

I’m not a Christian, but I grew up in Sweden, which was very much a Protestant country during my childhood. So, in school, we learned moral beliefs out of this point of view.

Since then I have studied many religions around the world, including Hinduism, Taoism, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism. I think that the essence of each religion is more or less the same. Every major religion in its true form speaks about respect, acceptance, honesty, and kindness.

No matter what you believe yourself, we should agree that faith is between each person and God, and we can all live in harmony if we promise to never hurt others intentionally. 

How many of these facts about Christianity did you already know? Leave a comment below!

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Tuesday 24th of August 2021

Not only do you have some of your facts wrong, if you believe that "the essence" of all religions is basically the same you simply haven't understood the essence of most religions. For starters, it is NOT to be a good person and do/say nice things and help out. That is the UN, not religions. How do you square the claim of Jesus to be God and demanding exclusive worship when Buddism says there is no God and Hinduism says there are millions and Islam says that Jesus is not God?

IS faith only between a person and God? What about evangelism, telling others how to get saved from sin and Hell? Is that ok? Why or why not?


Monday 9th of August 2021

May God Send Many Blessings to everyone!

The Same God, Who Created the entire universe, with all its galaxies, stars and planets, Saw the world and Knew it needed every single one of us!

God Did not Want His Amazing Creation to be without us all!

Antony paul

Monday 31st of May 2021

About 5 facts were known to me and thanks for providing the rest. Keep up the good work.

Nick Cifonie

Wednesday 7th of April 2021

There are 73 books of the Bible, not 66...