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25 Interesting Facts about Alabama

25 Interesting Facts about Alabama

Want to know more about Alabama? Here are 25 Interesting Facts about Alabama that you probably didn’t know before reading this!

To make this even more fun, you can challenge yourself and friends as well. How many of these Alabama facts did you know before reading this? Share your results in the comment section!

It has 96.5 kilometers (60 miles) of coastline

Alabama’s shoreline stretches for 60 miles on the Gulf of Mexico, and there are plenty of beautiful beaches. Especially in towns such as Orange Beach and Gulf Shores as well as Dauphin Island.

Alabama costline

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More than 50% of Alabamians go to church once a week

77% of the population says that religion is very important in their life, and over 50% attend church at least once per week. About 49% are Evangelical Protestants, 31% are Baptist and 7% are Catholic. 

College Football is the most popular sport in Alabama

Baseball and Basketball are also popular sports in Alabama, but College Football is by far the most popular sport in the Yellowhammer State. The University of Alabama and Auburn University are renowned for their excellence that attracts top recruits from all over the country.

Alabama football

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It was the fourth state to officially break with the Union

In 1861 on January 11, a secession was passed which declared Alabama a Sovereign and Independent State. It joined the Confederate States of America a few days later. Alabama was very much involved in the American Civil War and contributed many soldiers to fight the North.

Cheaha Mountain is Alabama’s highest point

Mount Cheaha is the highest mountain in Alabama at a height of 735 meters (2,413 feet) above the sea. It’s located in the Cheah State Park, which is located northwest of Delta in Clay County.

Cheaha Mountain

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The southern hospitality is strong in Alabama

Alabamians are known for their politeness, and the famous hospitality of the south is especially strong in the Yellowhammer State. Don’t be surprised if a local greets you with enthusiasm, much like an old friend. 

It was the first state to recognize Christmas as a legal holiday

Christmas was actually banished in the USA for some time. However, in 1835 December 25 was declared a legal holiday in Alabama. It became a federal holiday in 1870.

christmas in Alabama

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Birmingham is the most populated city in Alabama

Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama with a total of 212,237 residents. It was an important city during the Civil Rights movement and it has long been an industrial center as well. 

Huntsville is nicknamed “The Rocket City”

The Saturn V Moon Rocket and Space Shuttle is on display in Huntsville, at the U.S Space & Rocket Center. There’s a long and proud history of rockets that you can learn more about when visiting Huntsville.

Huntsville rocket city

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It became the 22nd state to join the Union

Alabama was admitted to the Union on December 14 in 1819, and thereby became the 22nd State in the Union.

The Confederate flag was designed and first flown in Alabama

The use of the Confederate flag today is quite controversial, although some folks still use it to show southern pride. 

confederate flag

More than 26 million tourists visit the state each year

There’s a large number of landmarks in Alabama from the Civil Rights Movement that sees many visitors every year. The U.S Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville is another popular attraction as well as the Birmingham Museum of Art.

The Gulf Shores is also a popular tourist destination, known for its beaches and dolphin watching. The Yellowhammer State gets about 26 million tourists annually. 

There’s a famous song named Sweet Home Alabama

Music is a big part of the Alabamian culture, and there are many artists and singers who were born and raised here. Although Lynyrd Skynyrd isn’t a local band, they have certainly put the state on the world map with their song “Sweet Home Alabama”. 

There is also a romantic comedy movie with the same name, starring Reese Witherspoon. 

The Spanish were the first Europeans to reach Alabama

Before the Europeans came, the Alabaman lands were inhabited by native tribes. The Spaniards were the first Europeans to come here in search of gold. However, it was the French who were the first Europeans to settle, with the first settlement established in 1702. 

It was the first state to celebrate Mardi Gras

New Orleans is the go-to destination for Mardi Gras these days, however, the first celebrations were actually held in the city of Mobile, which is the birthplace of Mardi Gras. 

The first celebration was held in 1704 by a mystic society known as “Krewe”. 

Alabama facts

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5 x Fun Facts about Alabama

  • It’s illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church
  • It’s the only state to have an alcoholic beverage as its official drink: Conecuh Ridge Whiskey
  • It’s illegal to dress up as a priest, rabbi, nun or other members of the clergy
  • Two Alabamians made the first-ever 911 call in 1968
  • Abbeville is the first city in the U.S by alphabetical order

5 x Alabama Facts for Kids

  • The state has borders to Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee
  • The Yellowhammer (Northern flicker) is the official state bird
  • The Camellia is the state flower of Alabama
  • People from Alabama are called Alabamians
  • Montgomery is the state capital
Alabama facts for kids

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General Facts about Alabama

Below is some general info such as total population, land area, biggest lake, highest mountain and other general facts about Alabama that might be interesting to know.

  • Total Population: 4,887,871
  • Demonym: Alabamian or Alabaman
  • Median household income: $48,123
  • State nickname: The Yellowhammer State, The Heart of Dixie, and The Cotton State
  • Capital: Montgomery
  • Largest City: Birmingham
  • Life expectancy: 75.4 years
  • Highest Point: Cheaha Mountain at 2,413 ft (735 m)
  • Total area: 52,419 sq mi (135,765 km2)
  • Largest Lake: Guntersville lake
  • Governor: Kay Ivey
  • State song: “Alabama”
  • Time zone: UTC-06:00 (Central) • Summer (DST) UTC-05:00. Phenix City area UTC-05:00 (Eastern) • Summer (DST) UTC-04:00
  • Abbreviation: AL

The Biggest Cities in Alabama

If you’re looking for facts about Alabama, it might also be interesting to know which are the biggest cities. 


Flag of Alabama

The Alabamian State flag is white with a red X. 

Alabamian flag

Map of Alabama

Below, you can see the state territory. It shares borders with Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. 

Map of Alabama

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How many of these Alabama Facts did you know beforehand? Share your result in the comment section below!