Food and Restaurants in Skyros

Looking for a good place to eat in Skyros? Here are the restaurants in Skyros were we had dinner when visiting the island, along with photos and address.

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My Favorite Photos from Skyros – Part 1

Have you heard of Skyros? It's a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, and it's a real beauty! Here are my favorite photos from our recent trip to Skyros, Greece.

My Favorite Photos from Skyros – Part 12018-07-02T20:31:59+02:00

My Favorite Photos from Santorini

Curious about the Greek Island Santorini? Here's a collection of my favorite photos from Santorini, that I captured on my previous trip there!

My Favorite Photos from Santorini2017-08-01T22:27:25+02:00

Review of our stay at Heliotopos Hotel in Santorini

Planning a trip to Santorini? We stayed at Heliotopos Hotel in Imerovigli, and here you can read all about our stay and a full review of the hotel.

Review of our stay at Heliotopos Hotel in Santorini2017-08-02T10:33:55+02:00

Greek phrases and words

Are you traveling to Greece? Here are a big list of useful greek phrases and words. While you don't need to learn, it's highly appreciated to learn a little

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7 Advantages of living in Greece

Do you also love Greece? Maybe you're even thinking about moving here? Here are 7 advantages of living in Greece, from my own experiences.

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The best beaches on Rhodes

Are you traveling to Rhodes in Greece? Here's the ultimate guide to Rhodes Beaches with descriptions, photos, how to get there and much more.

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Top Things To Do On Crete

For many travelers, Crete is a favorite in the Greek archipelago. Tourists have been arriving here since the first charter planes to Greece, and many of them choose to revisit. Crete is a large island, and there many things to see and do. On Crete, you can find everything from traditional villages and bustling towns to the lush scenery and wonderful paradise beaches.

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Best beaches of Crete

Crete is one of the most popular destinations in Greece, and for those who are looking for great beaches, there are plenty of choices. The majority of the real paradise beaches, however, is a bit outside the most common tourist destinations, and unfortunately, many tourists miss out on these lovely beaches, simply because they go only to the beach which is near their hotel.

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Top Things To Do On Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the most famous islands in the greek archipelago. Every year thousands of people choose Rhodes as their place for vacation, and it's easy to understand why. Rhodes got something for everyone regardless of age and interest.  There [...]

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