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Review: Downtown Hotel Gozo

Review: Downtown Hotel Gozo

When we were in Malta in January, we went to the island of Gozo where we stayed at the Downtown Hotel, which is a budget hotel with a simple standard in Victoria. From here you are close to bus and supermarkets as well as a few local restaurants.

Here below you can read more about our stay at the Downtown Hotel Gozo.

Room type

We stayed in an Economy room, which is the cheapest room variant at the Downtown Hotel. We chose this because we knew that we would spend minimal time at the hotel and instead be out and explore Gozo fully.

Economy room is just what it sounds like, a budget type of room that will not be in a luxurious package. However, it is still a good standard and you get everything needed for a successful hotel stay in Gozo. Includes kettle, tea, coffee and there is also a mini bar with various drinks and snacks.

The bed is comfortable, the bathroom is fresh, there is a TV with Maltese and international channels. The pillows were also good. A/C is available in the room and you can easily adjust the heating/cooling by pressing the remote on the wall.

In other words, there is absolutely nothing to complain about. You get a good value for your money when choosing Economy rooms at the Downtown Hotel.

downtown hotel economy room

Even the bathroom is clean. And there is also a large mirror on the wall to the right.

downtown hotel bathroom

Outside the room

The hotel is pretty small, but there is an outdoor swimming pool and play area for children. Downstairs in reception, there is a café and seating outside.

Breakfast & Dinner

We visited the hotel during the off-season, so we believe that the range of food was less than usual, at least if you look at pictures from other guests. With that said, the breakfast was the same standard as the rest of the hotel. Nothing to complain about, but also nothing to brag about.

Dinner is served later in the day and it can be purchased within the room rate.

What’s on the breakfast buffet

  • Bacon
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Beans
  • Sausages
  • Tomato
  • Croissant
  • Pan au chocolate
  • Yoghurt
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Bread
  • Flakes

downtown hotel breakfast

Wi-Fi access

Given that Gozo is an island and that this was a basic hotel, the internet connection was good. However, you could not access their e-mail as their ISP is blocking the email port server. Otherwise, the Wi-Fi worked fine.


Directly upon arrival, we were greeted with a smile. Check-in went smoothly and it took only a few minutes before we had our key. The receptionist explained where breakfast was served and what time it was available. She also pointed out that we could ask if there was anything we wondered or wanted some tips.

Every morning we were met by a smile and a good morning, same when we came back to the hotel after being out exploring. In the room, we didn’t find the remote control of the A/C, since it was sitting on the wall, and not a usual remote. However, the receptionist followed us promptly after we asked about it and she made sure that

However, the receptionist followed us promptly after we asked about it and she made sure that everything was working, so, in other words, very good service!


Downtown Hotel is located in Victoria, which is the main part of Gozo. The hotel is about 5-10 minutes away from the bus station, but there is also a bus stop 2 minutes from the hotel. From here you can easily get around to all parts of Gozo, making it a great base whether you have your own car or get around by bus.

The hotel is also near the port and the bus to the ferry terminal stops 2 minutes from the hotel.

Summary of our stay at the Downtown Hotel in Gozo, Malta

On the whole, our 3 nights at the Downtown Hotel was good and affordable. Proximity to the bus, friendly staff and adjustable A/C in the room was among the highlights. The breakfast was okay and it was saturating.

The only negative about our stay was that it was not possible to access our email. Otherwise, I can heartily recommend others to book this hotel if you would rather spend money on excursions, but still want to stay nice and centrally, close to the bus.

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As usual, all my opinions and I always give a 100% honest description of my stay.