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Quiz about Denmark – Test your knowledge

Quiz about Denmark – Test your knowledge

Are you an expert on Denmark? Test your knowledge in this quiz about Denmark by answering these 20 questions. 

The quiz is simple. Only one alternative is correct on each question. Once you’ve made a choice, it will display if the answer was correct or false with some additional information related to that question.

After reading the small explanation box, continue and scroll down to the next question. Once you’ve answered all the Denmark quiz questions, you’ll get a result and a title depending on your final score.

1. Which is the national dish of Denmark?
2. What currency is used in Denmark?
3. How many people are living in Denmark?
4. What spice is thrown at you when you're still single and turn 25 years old?
5. What's this place called?
6. How many times have Denmark won the Eurovision song contest?
7. Which is the tallest mountain in Denmark?
8. What does the danish expression "Klap lige hesten" mean? The literal translation is "Pat the horse"
9. What island is known as the Sunshine island in Denmark?
10. Which of the following toys have Danish origins?
11. What's the name of the Danish flag?
12. Which of the following island groups are part of the Danish kingdom?
13. What is a popular tradition at midnight on New Year's Eve?
14. What's the name of the Danish author who wrote "the little mermaid"?
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15. Whom of these famous vikings were from Denmark?
16. Which is the second-largest city in Denmark?
17. What's the name of the bridge that goes between Funen and Zealand?
18. Which year did Denmark join the EU?
19. What's the name of the amusement park in Denmark, which is also the world's oldest amusement park?
20. From what age can you buy alcohol in Denmark?

I hope you enjoyed this quiz about Denmark. Leave a comment below and share your result. And then challenge your friends and family and see who can get the most correct answers to these Denmark quiz questions.

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Jeff Ford

Monday 21st of November 2022

I should have answered more correctly