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Useful Danish Phrases for your trip

Useful Danish Phrases for your trip

To learn a few local phrases should be something that everyone does before traveling to a new country. Both for their own sake, but also to show respect and appreciation. If you are going to Denmark in the near future, you have found the right place to learn some useful Danish phrases for your upcoming trips.

To me, danish is easy since I’m grown up close to the Swedish/Danish border. But to others, it will probably be a bit difficult, at least if you don’t know Swedish or Norwegian, which are the two closest languages. However, don’t worry, I have put together a big list below with some of the most common danish words and phrases.

Danish greeting phrases

To be able to say hello in the local language will always bring a smile to the locals. It’s customary and highly appreciated anywhere in the world. Denmark is no exception and here are some of the most commons greeting phrases.

English Danish
Hello Hej
Good morning God Morgen
Good day God eftermiddag
Good evening God Aften
Bye Farvel
Welcome Velkommen

Useful words and danish phrases to memorize

English Danish
Yes Ja
No Nej
How are you? Hvordan har du det?
Good God
Bad Dårlig
Much Meget
More Mere
What’s your name? Hvad hedder du?
Sorry Undskyld
Excuse me Undskyld mig
Thank you Tak
Thank you very much Mange tak
You’re welcome Værsgod
Please Venligst
I don’t understand Jeg forstår ikke
I don’t speak danish very well Jeg taler ikke så godt dansk
Do you speak english? Taler du engelsk?
Where can I find the toilet? undskyld mig, hvor er toilettet?

Danish phrases for the restaurant

When you are at a restaurant, it might be nice to be able to say a few Danish phrases and words. In addition to a happier attitude, the waiter and the staff will probably given even better service if you exert yourself.

English Danish
Could I please see the menu?  Kan jeg se menuen, venligst
Would you like something to eat? Vill du have noget at spise?
Would you like seomthing to drink? Vill du have noget at drikke?
Medium Rare Medium stegt
Well-done Gennemstegt
Rare halvstegt/Sjældne
What would you recommend? Hvad kan du anbefale?
Enjoy your meal Velbekomme!
Could you pass me the…? Kunne du være så venlig at give mig…?
How much is it? Hvor meget koster det?
Check, please. Kan jeg få en regning?
Can I pay with credit card?  Godtager I kort?


English Danish
Breakfast Morgenmad
Lunch Frokost
Dinner Aftensmad

Food and drinks

Chances are pretty high that you will be eating when you are in Denmark. Avoid the hassle of asking for an English menu by learning the following Danish phrases. Then you look at the Danish menu and easier understand what is being served.

English Danish
Shrimps Rejer
Meatballs Frikadeller
Ham Skinke
Meat Kød
Chicken Kylling
Fish Fisk
Vegetables Grøntsager
Ice cream Is
Dessert Dessert
Salt Salt
Pepper Peber
White wine Hvid vin
Red wine Rød vin
Beer Øl
Coffee Kaffe
Soda Soda
Water Vand
Water with gas Danskvand


If you are exploring on your own or if you are going somewhere, it can be helpful to know a few Danish phrases to ask for directions and to understand the answer.

English Danish
Here Her
Left Venstre
Right Højre
Straight forward Lige ud
In the beginning of Begyndelsen af
Close Nær
In the end of Ved afslutningen af
Behind Bag
Excuse me, where can I find… ? Undskyld, hvor er …?

Danish numerals and how to count

To understand the Danish numerals are especially useful if you plan to go shopping. It also becomes easier to bargain at markets. The Danish counting system is slightly different from the English, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very simple.

To say twenty-five for example you say “fem og tyve”, which would translate to five and twenty in English.

English Danish
One En
Two To
Three Tre
Four Fire
Five Fem
Six Seks
Seven Syv
Eight Otte
Nine Ni
Ten Ti
Twenty Tyve
Thirty Tredive
Forty Fyrre
Fifty Halvtreds
Sicty Tres
Seventy Halvfjerds
Eighty Firs
Ninety Halvfems
One hundred Et hundrede
Thousand Tusinde

Now you’re ready to travel to Denmark! Will you might not be fluent in danish, you’ll know enough to get by. Most Danes are also speaking very good English, but it’s always nice to make an effort, and they will greatly appreciate it.

Danes are very proud and talkative, and to say something in Danish will be a great ice breaker as well. 

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