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Cavalet GT4 Review – Cabin Bag with Laptop Compartment

Cavalet GT4 Review – Cabin Bag with Laptop Compartment

Looking for a new cabin bag? I recently got the Cavalet GT4 and have had a few trips where I’ve tested the cabin bag properly.

Here’s my full review with everything you need to know about the GT4 Cabin bag with laptop compartment from Cavalet.  

The GT4 from Cavalet

GT4 is the series from Cavalet that is made to be sleek and timeless. This is a lightweight cabin bag that has a dedicated laptop compartment on the front that fits a 15.6-inch laptop. 

This is a great time-saver on airports or anytime you need to get your laptop. It also gives a safe way of transporting your computer since it’s a hardshell cabin bag. The laptop compartment is also padded, which adds further protection if you decide to put more stuff in the front compartment. 

The cabin bag has 4 twin wheels that make it very easy to stroll with, and it also has an internal telescope handle that you can adjust in 3 heights. 

Main features

  • Sturdy yet maneuverable
  • Silent spinner wheels
  • Laptop compartment
  • TSA-approved lock
  • Separate net compartment 

Cavalet GT4 cabin bag

Size of the Cabin Bag

The GT4 has a measurement of 55 x 40 x 23 cm, which makes it cabin size approved at the majority of the world’s airlines.


It’s a lightweight cabin bag considering that it has both a hard shell as well as a dedicated laptop compartment. Similar cabin bags with the same features normally weight 3-4 kg, but the Cavalet GT4 has a weight of only 2,5 kg (5 lbs). 


Wheel4 twin wheels
TypeCarry-on bag (Hardshell)
Measure55 x 40 x 23 cm (21.65 x 15.74 x 9 inches)
Weight2,3 kg (5 lbs)
Volume35 L
Guarantee10-year fabrication warranty
LockBuilt-in TSA-approved lock, 3-number combination

Cavalet GT4 cabin bag inside

How much can you fit inside the GT4?

With 35 liters you can fit quite a lot in this smooth cabin bag. To give you an example, I could easily fit the following items into the GT4. 

3 shirts2 polo shirts
2 chino shorts1 pair of jeans
6 pair of socks and 6 pair of underwearGoPro Hero 7 and digital camera + batteries
Extra pair of shoesSunglasses
Toiletries + electrical shaver15.6″ Laptop

All of these easily fitted into the cabin bag, so it’s possible to add even more stuff if the airline weight limit allows it.

However, for me, this is perfect for a weekend getaway or if I want some safety clothes on a longer trip if my suitcase ends up missing. It also has enough space for you to bring a laptop and camera as well as other electronics. 

GT4 cabin size

The Laptop Compartment

One of the most interesting features of the GT4 cabin bag is the dedicated compartment on the front that can fit a 15.6″ laptop with comfort.

The front compartment is separated with its own ziplock, so you can easily access everything you put inside here without opening the rest of your hand luggage. 

The laptop compartment is padded for additional protection. 

GT4 laptop compartment

My thoughts on the GT4

Since I started to travel the world full-time almost 5 years ago, I’ve had numerous cabin bags. I have had everything from backpacks to soft and hard cabin bags as well as dedicated hand luggage for photography depending on what trip I’m going on. 

The GT4 has quickly become a favorite of mine because it’s lightweight, yet you get the same protection as you would from a cabin bag that is normally heavier. It is usually the soft ones that are lightweight, but Cavalet has created a masterpiece in the GT4, especially for digital nomads.  

The laptop compartment makes it easy to transport your valuable computer, and if you put it in the overhead compartment on the flight, it will be safely stowed, even if other people are pressing in their cabin bags. 

Not only that, but it’s so easy to maneuver, the wheels are of high-quality and give that spin and roll that you want when walking in a fast tempo.

Review GT4 Cavalet

It’s also nice that you can choose to roll on 4 wheels or 2 wheels. I have so far tried to roll the cabin bag on various grounds, and so far I haven’t had any problem. Of course, just like other cabin bags, it is not made to roll on the grass, dirt roads or uneven cobblestones, etc, but you can expect the best rolling from the wheels on the Cavalet GT4. 

Another feature that I really like about this cabin bag is the divided net storage inside the main compartment. This can be used in several ways, but for example, you can have underwear on one side and socks on the other. 

More About Cavalet

Cavalet is a Swedish company that was founded already in 1945 by Carlo Hjort and Willy Olsen. They started a suitcase company because they wanted to change the way we look at travel.

Cavalet’s history has followed the rise of modern air travel, and the company’s great experience and the quality standard have made their cabin bags into what they are today. They are known for being innovative with a functional design, timeless style as well as uncompromising quality.

Where to buy a cabin bag/suitcase from Cavalet

If you’re located in Sweden, you can buy it directly from their website. And if you’re located outside Sweden, Cavalet can be found in various luggage stores as well as on Amazon. 


Want to know more about the Cavalet GT4? Leave a comment below, and I’m happy to answer your questions about the cabin bag from my own experience.