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15 Beautiful Castles in Poland

15 Beautiful Castles in Poland

Want to visit some beautiful castles in Poland? Thanks to the country’s rich history, there are actually many castles and fortifications to discover.

However, to make your choice a bit easier, I’ve made this list of the 15 most impressive castles in Poland that you should visit!

1. Ksiaz Castle

Zamek Ksiaz is one of the fairytale castles in Poland that you should definitely visit, or even stay overnight. It’s located on a clifftop surrounded by forest about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from Wroclaw.

It was built in the 13th century and was later passed on to Bohemian rulers in the 14th century, to which it belonged to until World War II, when the Nazis seized the Ksiaz Castle. At one point it was even intended to become the headquarters of Adolf Hitler. 

Sadly, not much of its medieval features are visible today as most of the castle’s architecture is predominantly Baroque and Neo-renaissance style, but it’s still very beautiful and the location is perfect as a luxurious and relaxing weekend getaway. 

Ksiaz Castle

Photo: Inga Linder /

2. Nowy Wisnicz Castle

A beautiful castle in southern Poland that was built to protect the Kmita family. It has four distinct towers and a large inner courtyard. The main architectural style of the Nowy Wisnicz Castle is Baroque, Medieval and early Renaissance.

It’s located just 45 minutes from Krakow, and it can be visited on a day trip. 

Nowy Wisnicz Castle

Photo: Shutterstock

3. Wawel Castle

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Krakow, and it dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries. The Wawel Castle has been the home of Polish royalty in the Kingdom of Poland as well as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. 

It’s one of the country’s most famous landmarks, and it’s a symbol of Polish prevalence. Despite several attacks and damage from time to time, it was always repaired as quickly as possible. 

Wawel Castle

Photo: Shutterstock

4. Goluchow Castle

Zamek Gołuchów as it’s known in Polish is quite a unique and beautiful castle in west-central Poland. It was originally built for defending purposes by Rafał Leszczyński but was later rebuilt into French Renaissance style in the 19th century.

Goluchow Castle

Photo: Shutterstock

5. Malbork

Malbork is the largest brick castle in the world and one of the most impressive castles in Poland. It’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was built already in the 13th century.


Photo: Shutterstock

6. Kornik Castle

Kornik Castle was built in the 14th century and currently features a Gothic Revival architecture. It’s located in the Polish town with the same name – Kornik, which is situated about 25 minutes from Poznan.

Kornik Castle

Photo: Shutterstock

7. Moszna Castle

This is another Polish castle where you can stay overnight. The Moszna Castle has an impressive architecture that mixes Baroque, neo-Renaissance and neo-Gothic styles. 

It’s not one of the most famous castles in Poland, but nonetheless, it’s worth a visit, and what’s even more interesting is the fact that there are 365 rooms and 99 turrets!

Moszna Castle

Photo: Shutterstock

8. Niedzica Castle

This castle is beautifully situated by the water in the southern part of Poland. Niedzica Castle was built in the 14th century and features an interesting history of the Polish-Hungarian friendship that has been ongoing for centuries.

It was here the Hungarian king Sigismund had to return the money that was lent by the Polish King in the 14th century. 

Niedzica Castle

Photo: Shutterstock

9. Gniew Castle

A former Teutonic castle that was built in the 13th century. It was restored to its former glory in the late 20th century. Zamek Gniew as its known in Polish is not located far from Malbork Castle, about 40 minutes drive. 


Photo: Shutterstock

10. Kwidzyn Castle

Another impressive example of how the Teutonic Knights built their castles. The Kwidzyn Castle is located just 20 minutes away by car from Gniew castle and is today a museum. 

Kwidzyn Castle

Photo: Shutterstock

11. Ogrodzieniec Castle

This Polish castle is located about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Krakow in the village known as Podzamcze. It was built by the Włodkowie Sulimczycy family in the 14th-15th century and is beautifully situated on a 515.5-meter high hill. 

Ogrodzieniec Castle

Photo: Shutterstock

12. Bedzin Castle

A true medieval castle built in stone in the 14th century. However, legend says that there used to be a wooden structure here before that dated back all the way to the 11th century.

Bedzin Castle is located in southern Poland, just 13 minutes from Katowice. 

Castle Bedzin

Photo: Shutterstock

13. Baranow Sandomierski Castle

If you’re into the Renaissance period, then this is a place for you. Zamek w Baranowie Sandomierskim as its called in Polish is one of the best-preserved Renaissance castles in Poland.

The original architect is said to be Santi Gucci, and throughout the years it has been the residence of various noble families. Today, it’s possible as a visitor to stay overnight. 

Baranow Sandomierski Castle

Photo: Shutterstock

14. Czocha Castle

This is one of the castles in Poland where you can stay overnight, which makes it even more special. In Polish, it is known as Zamek Czocha, and its history dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries. 

Visitors can see some of the decorated chambers to get a glimpse of history and what life used to look like. 

Czocha Castle

Photo: Shutterstock

15. Lidzbark Warminski

This 14th-century castle is famous for its Gothic architecture that served as the seat to Warmian bishops before it the Teutonic Order received ownership of the Lidzbark Warminski Castle.

It’s located in the city of the same name – Lidzbark Warminski, which is located near the border to Kaliningrad in northern Poland. 

Lidzbark Warminski

Photo: Shutterstock

Polish Castles where you can stay overnight

  • Hotel Książ
  • Baranow Sandomierski Castle
  • Czocha Castle
  • Zamek w Krasiczynie
  • Karpniki Castle
  • Moszna Castle
  • Pałac Wojanów
Karpniki - Polish castle where you can stay overnight

Photo: Shutterstock

Map of the Castles in Poland

Below you can see a map of the Polish castles on this list, and where they are located in the country. 

Other Castles in Poland

  • Lancut Castle
  • Bolkow Castle
  • Chojnik Castle
  • Golub-Dobrzyń Castle
  • Grodziec
  • Pszczyna Castle
  • Reszel Castle

Other Castles in Poland

Do you have a favorite castle in Poland? Leave a comment below and share!