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Ever wondered which is the best website to book hotel rooms? You probably have, and in this article, I will share the booking sites that I’m using myself when I travel, and what advantages they have towards each other.

Two of the most common questions I get are: “How do you find the cheapest trip?” or “What is the best site for booking a hotel?” The best answer I can give is that prices vary and sometimes one is better than the other.

However, you can save time if you know roughly when and where booking sites normally have their best deals. Also, learn more about how to find cheap flights

Below are the hotel booking sites that I use myself when I travel:

I have long been a loyal customer of, and there are many reasons that this hotel booking site is my personal favorite. First, it has a fantastic range broadly across the world, and prices are almost always competitive. They also filter out many crappy hotels that are popping up on other hotel booking sites.

My personal experience says that you will be better treated by the staff if you book through, but it can also be a mere coincidence, so take that with a grain of salt. also offers its customers a reward program that gives you a bonus night for every time you reach ten booked room nights total. A nice little bonus, especially when you travel as much as I do.

Pros: many hotels to choose from, familiar, user-friendly website and great customer service.
Number of hotels: Over 257 000 places in the whole world.
Discounts: Rewards, one free night for every time one reaches up to 10 hotel nights in total, a bit like a discount card. As a member, also take part of the “secret” prices and offers on a regular basis.

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My experience with is both good and bad. The majority of my bookings have been good, but in cases where the hotel didn’t meet expectations and provided what we’ve paid for, then has been downright shit and done nothing about it.

Would I discourage anyone from using No, not really, since most of my bookings have gone well and smoothly. However, I would never again book an accommodation rated lower than 7.0 by other guests. is good in both Europe and the United States, especially when it comes to budget accommodation. It is not unusual to find some budget hotels on that’s missing on I mostly use Booking if I’m going to a bigger city and doesn’t find anything good to rent on Airbnb.

  • Pros: Large selection, often has good deals for the main cities and some hotels that are missing on other booking sites.
  • Number of hotels: 805 126 active accommodations in 221 countries.
  • Discounts: Subscribers get secret deals. It also has a membership program called Genius where you get various benefits on accommodations that are linked to the program. For example, you can get priority for late checkout.
  • Website:


Agoda is a big hotel booking site, but it’s relatively unknown in many countries. is undoubtedly the best website to book hotels on when you’re traveling in Asia, and it’s also there they have their greatest range of hotels.

When I travel to Asia, Agoda is the first place where I’m searching for accommodation.

  • Pros: Large selection, often has good deals in Asia and budget hotels.
  • Number of hotels: 772 282 hotels worldwide.
  • Discounts: Agoda offers insider deals to all its members. Sometimes it can distinguish $ 100 or more per night just by logging in and get access to inside the deal. Besides the discount on the price, you can also get a free cancellation and breakfast at selected hotels with no additional cost.
  • Website:
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Expedia is not only a self-booking site also owns is focusing on packages rather than single hotel booking or flight booking. And it’s exactly when booking packages that Expedia stands out and for those who are flexible, there are many great deals to find through Expedia.

If you like to go on charter trips, then Expedia is a good site to compare prices. Sometimes you can save several hundred of dollars just by booking a similar package through Expedia instead of a regular charter company.

  • Pros: A well-known travel companies that have a wide selection and great prices on packages.
  • Numer of hotels: Over 510,000 hotels worldwide.
  • Discounts: Members Program Expedia + provides favorable prices and offers.
  • Website:


Obviously, there are more hotels reservation sites that you can use out of, but above hotel booking sites have such a broad range, and so a great deal that you rarely need to look elsewhere. 

These four hotel booking sites have something to suit every occasion, no matter where in the world you’re traveling and what type of trip.

The hotel booking sites also have some form of price guarantee, which often makes it possible to get a price match if you find a lower price elsewhere.

Tips for when to use each site in the best way

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    The hotels that are being ,mentioned are good and provide the required amenities. Thanks for the information.

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    I agree with Cristina , I’m hotel owner from Italy and don’t charge commission to us for the same reservation type ,where or Expedia are now asking 20% . provide also to the guest the possibility to book the meeting room and room by hours….
    From my personal side this is really good

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