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Last updated: March 25, 2018

Are you looking for the best Instagram accounts to follow in 2018? There are a lot of talented Instagrammers out there, and the numbers are ever growing with people who post great travel inspiration.

As I’m active on Instagram myself and spend quite some time on the platform, I have found and follow some incredible travel influencers that post the most epic content out there!

How did I pick the best Instagram Accounts for travel inspiration?

There are so many good travel Instagram accounts out there, so of course, this list could be a lot longer. However, this will be a quick and easy guide to some of the most inspiring and best Instagram accounts to follow in 2018.

Nowadays, there are also a lot of lifestyle bloggers who occasionally post travel photos, but these haven’t made it into the list. The following accounts have been chosen from the criteria below.

  1. High-quality photos
  2. They are posting travel content on a regular basis
  3. Unique ways of showing the world
  4. They are real travel influencers
  5. Not just another travel Instagram account
  6. They have great engagement
  7. Showing the best destinations around the world
  8. They inspire people to follow their dreams

So, look no further for travel inspiration on IG because here are 55 Amazing Instagram accounts that will give you some serious wanderlust!

1. @Theblondeabroad

In my opinion the #1 female travel blogger in the world. Kiersten has been traveling for a long time, and continues to inspire people to travel and discover our beautiful world through videos, articles and amazing photography.

2. @Jordhammond

It was this photo that caught my eye the first time, and it’s a true classic. If you follow Jordhammond, you can always be sure to get amazing scenery and landscapes in the best light.

Occasionally you can also see @sophiapope as a model in his photos, who btw has a pretty stunning Instagram feed herself.

3. @Chelseakauai

If you didn’t think about visiting Hawaii before, Chelseakauai’s Instagram account will definitely make you wanna go. Besides amazing photos from Hawaii, she also shares fantastic images from other places, like this one with the penguins in South Africa.

4. @Nomadasaurus

This adventure couple is running one of the biggest Australian travel blogs, and if you crave adventure and want to see unexplored places, Nomadasaurus is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow!

5. @Travel_inhershoes

Aggie Lal has grown her channels quickly by sharing some of the best travel content out there. She’s also very active on IG stories, so it’s easy to follow her adventures in real time too!

6. @Debiflue

Want to dream away to paradise? Debi Flügge is always sharing dreamy photos from her travels, and sometimes you also get some romantic couple photos with her boyfriend @keeevsch.

7. @Sennarelax

Dreaming of Switzerland and fantastic scenery? Senai is always posting amazing travel photos.

8. @Haylsa

An Australian girl with a sense of adventure. I love the colors in her edits, and you can always count on wanderlusting content from Hayley.

9. @Airpixels

Prefer the bird’s eye view? Airpixels is run by Swedish photographer Tobias Hägg, and features some of the most stunning aerial photos on Instagram!

Sunset at the hypecourt, Location is king !

A post shared by Tobias Hägg (@airpixels) on

10. @Lostleblanc

Originally a Youtuber, but with 262 000 followers on Instagram and stunning photos, he’s also one of the best male Instagram accounts to follow! And if you haven’t seen his videos before, do yourself a favor and check out his YouTube channel!

11. @Worldwanderlust

Brooke Saward is one of the most successful travel bloggers, so of course, she has a lot of travel inspiration to offer.

12. @Jamesrelfdyer

If you want to see breathtaking photos in your Instagram feed. Check out Jamesrelfdyer.

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13. @Pilotmadeleine

Want to see the most dreamy hotels around the world? This is the girl to follow!

14. @Onestep4ward

This Irish travel blogger has made it to all of the world’s countries, and shares what I would like to call “Real travel photos”.

15. @Eljackson & @Hilvees

This couple is traveling the world together and they create some of the best content on Instagram.

You don't get to see these kind of cities every day…

A post shared by Samuel Taipale (@eljackson) on

16. @Lennart

Member of the @Germanroamers and a talented photographer. If you want to see beautiful landscapes, Lennart Pagel is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow!

17. @Saltinourhair

Looking for an inspiration travel couple? Look no further, this Dutch duo has been to some pretty cool places, and they always create dreamy couple photos. They were also really nice and down to earth in real life too when me and Christine met them in Holland.

18. @Lisahomsy

This stunning lady always finds great photo spots, and deliver high-quality photos on a daily basis!

19. @Taramilktea

I will just put it this way – Living the good life.

K y o t o ⚡️have you been here? Swipe 👉🏻 for the video ⛩

A post shared by Tara Milk Tea (@taramilktea) on

20. @Migrationology

Food is an important part of traveling, and this guy is the #1 food blogger/vlogger. So if you want to regularly see videos of Mark Wiens trying food around the world, go check out his Instagram account.

21. @Emmet_sparling

Dreamy places and landscapes.

22. @Ohhcouture

Some would probably label this account as more of a fashion and lifestyle account, but I will also say that it’s perfect for travel inspiration, because she always posts photos of amazing places around the world and not only a photo of her outfits, even though they are cool as well.

When in Paris… @dior. 🏛 #Dior #Laulhere #Paris

A post shared by Leonie Hanne (@ohhcouture) on

23. @Jacob

One of the best content creators on Instagram. You will always find beautiful and cool places in his feed.

24. @Xkflyaway

Another travel couple who’s crushing it with beautiful and dreamy couple photos!

25. @Triphackr

Clint Johnston is an adventure traveler and & drone photographer who’s always sharing spectacular photos from his travels.

26. @ThePlanetD

One of the best travel bloggers out there, and a great source of travel inspiration on Instagram as well. I love their IG stories, and you can always count on professional and beautiful photography from Dave and Deb’s travels.

27. @Gettingstamped

Another inspiring travel couple who has a great blog as well as a beautiful Instagram feed.

28. @Sassychris1

Want to see luxury hotels around the world and beautiful places? Christina Tan is often on the go, and she’s also a nice person in real life (we met her recently in Stockholm).

29. @Bemytravelmuse

Another top travel blogger that posts great content on Instagram. What I really like is the personal captions.

30. @Expertvagabond

the #1 Adventure travel blogger out there. Matthew Karsten is a professional photographer as well, so you can always count on quality content. What sets him apart is the fact that he shows the adventure, and takes you to places you didn’t even know existed.

31. @Anna.everywhere

Anna has been a travel influencer for quite some time, and recently also got married to @expertvagabond. They have been to some cool places together, but they also travel apart, and Anna is always posting lovely photos from her travels.

32. @Rayawashere

I found her Instagram account not too long ago, I think in December or something like that. And I’m glad i did, because you always get  happy vibes from Raya and her boyfriend @funforlouis.

33. @Funforlouis

Originally a popular Youtuber, but with 1.5 million followers on Instagram, it would be weird to not call him an Instagrammer as well.

Louis Cole is posting adventure, nature, and beautiful scenery. It’s definitely one of the best Instagram accounts to follow for travel inspiration around the world! And if you haven’t seen his videos, go check out his Youtube channel! He’s a living legend.

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34. @Jackharding

One of my favorite photographers on Instagram. He got a great mix of aerials and beautiful landscapes.

35. @Frauke_Haugen

Want to see dreamy outdoor content in your feed? Look no further, Frauke_Haugen is one of the best female outdoor Instagrams.

37. @Cbezerraphotos

Another talented photographer that you should follow on Instagram for beautiful landscapes and scenery.

38. @Muradosmann

You’ve probably already seen or heard of this IG account, but it’s too good to be left out. Muradosmann created the #followmeto together with Nataly Osmann, and together they have inspired thousands, if not millions to do the same.

39. @Joaoleitaoviagens

Want to see lesser known places? Joao Leitao is the author of Nomad Revelations, and also post interesting photos on IG. I really like the cultural aspects and feeling of exploring unknown places will scrolling his feed.

40. @Doyoutravel & @Gypsealust

Jack Morris is a talented photographer, and has created one of the most influental travel instagram accounts. Together with his girlfriend @Gypsealust he creates some magical content from their travels.

She travels together with @doyoutravel, and creates some of the best travel content out there.

Machu Picchu was everything I dreamt & more 🙏🏼🌟

A post shared by LAUREN BULLEN (@gypsea_lust) on

41. Finduslost

One of the dreamy couple accounts you should follow on Instagram. Originally from the US, but now based in Europe, posting photos from various locations. They are also very nice in real life (We met Selena in Holland, and Jacob in London).

42. @Tourdelust

A content creator and travel blogger that posts dreamy girly photos.

43. @Dorpell

Dreaming of Italy? Dorpell is the man to follow! His street and landscape photography is fantastic.

44. @Reneeroaming

Another female adventure who will spark that wanderlust inside you.

45. @Michutravel

Dreaming of Paradise? This Instagrammer will make you wanna book a trip to the Maldives asap!

46. @Jeremyaustiin

Beautiful luxury hotels and stunning aerials is what you can expect from this talented Instagrammer.

Getting out of bed isn’t that hard at @gili.lankanfushi 🏝

A post shared by JEREMY AUSTIN (@jeremyaustiin) on

47. @Leahshoup

She always finds the most colorful streets and murals no matter where she goes.

48. @Nodestinations

Chris and Danika has been to some of the most luxurious hotels around the world, and used to travel full-time before settling down in Amsterdam. They still travel though, and post amazing photos! And they are lovely in real life too (we met them in Holland).

49. @I_am_aileen

This Filipina has build one of the most popular travel blogs out there, and she also post inspiring content on Instagram from her adventures around the world.

50. @Handluggageonly

Another popular travel blogger duo that also give a lot of travel inspiration through their Instagram feed!

51. @Howfarfromhome

A full-time traveling couple posting great content from around the world.

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52. @Jackson.Groves

One of the best male adventurers who also runs a popular travel blog besides his IG account.

53. @Zeebalife

This travel couple & family makes you wanna travel to paradise asap!

54. @Wanderreds

One of the most inspiring Igers. He will soon make it to his 100th country, and he still works at a regular 9-5 job.

55. @Alienchrisblog

Christine is my lovely girlfriend and travel partner. So, I might be a bit biased since I’m the one taking her photos ;) but she has been to some really cool places, and keeps inspiring people through her Instagram and travel blog.

Bonus tips – @Swedishnomad

My own account has been featured in lists like this before, and my goal is to inspire people to travel more, better and longer, so if you aren’t already following me over there, I hope to see you on Instagram so that I can show you the beauty that our world has to offer!

How to find more Instagram accounts for travel inspiration

Look for suggested users

When you follow any of the Instagram accounts above, you will also see suggested users that are similar to the one you just followed. That’s a great start to finding more talented Instagrammers.

Search popular hashtags

Another way of finding great travel Instagram accounts is to search popular hashtags related to travel. You can then see the top posts and you will surely find some travel inspo. To make it easier for you, I have listed some popular travel hashtags below.

  • #Wanderlust
  • #Beautifuldestinations
  • #TLpicks
  • #Forbestravelguide
  • #Wearetravelgirls
  • #Dametraveler
  • #IamATraveler

Check who the travel bloggers and influencers follow

You can always find great Instagram accounts by looking through who the most popular travel bloggers and influencers are following.

You can also check out some of the most popular feature accounts

If you want to find new Instagrammers on a regular basis without too much effort searching, I can recommend you to follow some of the biggest feature accounts on IG. They post other people’s content and normally post different people’s work each day.

Just make sure to give some love for the content creators at times as well. A big reason how travel influencers can produce quality content is thanks to their followers and media reach. Below I have listed some of the best Instagram accounts who feature other people’s travel photos.

  • @Beautifuldestinations
  • @Forbestravelguide
  • @CNtraveler
  • @Earthpix
  • @Travelandleisure
  • @Culturetrip

Feel free to connect with me on IG as well

I love meeting new people, and that’s one of the reasons why I travel. So feel free to say hello to me on Instagram – @Swedishnomad

Summary of the best travel Instagram accounts

As already mentioned, there are literally thousands of amazing IG accounts out there posting great travel photos. And there are so many ways to measure “The best Instagram accounts”. But, I believe these 55 Travel Instagram accounts are a good start, and you will find more travel inspiration and destinations than you can imagine!

Most of these Instagrammers travel full-time or at least several months a year. No matter if you want to go to winter destinations, paradise islands, luxury hotels, natural wonders, quaint towns or just some really beautiful places, you can be sure to find it while browsing through their feeds.

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How many of these Instagram accounts did you already follow? Let me know in the comment section below!

Wasn’t your favorite Instagrammer featured on the list? Don’t worry. I believe that there are more than 55 Instagram accounts to follow in 2018, and I myself follow a couple of hundred of talented Instagrammers.

So, if you have more suggestions, feel free to leave a comment with your favorite Instagram account.

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