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So, Santa’s coming to town and it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year. I love Christmas (I mean, who doesn’t), but a lot of people get stressed about presents. No worries, I got the best tips!

If you’re going to buy Christmas gifts for a traveler, look no further. Just scroll down and see my handpicked favorites or use the quick links below. 

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Best Christmas Gifts for Everyone

Scratch Map


A Scratch Map is the perfect gift for a traveler.

With this, you can actually keep track on where you have been, and at the same time put it on your wall and have it as a nice decor in your home. It’s not only fun, but also cheap!

Shop the Scratch Map here

Portable charger


Never worry again about batteries dying on the road.

With a portable charger, you can always have a reserve of batteries. Most travelers would love this since they would never have to worry again about dead batteries. I always use Google Maps while exploring new cities, it’s amazing, but unfortunately it also sucks the batteries out of my phone.

Shop the Portable Charger here

Panda Coin Bank


A Panda Coin Bank is a fun way to start saving money for travels.

It’s probably the funniest gift ever and I absolutely love it. The Panda will come up from the box when you put a coin on top of it. The Panda will then make a sound and grab the coin and pull it into the coin bank.

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Shop the Panda Coin Bank here

Travel Pillow from Cabeau


A good Travel Pillow can revolutionize your travels

With this, you can actually enjoy long-haul flights and longer bus rides. This Travel Pillow is the best one I have found so far, in fact, it’s the only one that I have found value in since most others breaks or get worn out in just a few trips. This one however, is durable, easy to wash and after 1 years of frequent usage still has the same fit.

Shop the Travel Pillow here here

Packing Cube


Packing Cubes made my trips easier and more organized.

It’s easy to get frustrated while backpacking if you have to go through your whole backpack every time you want something. With Packing cubes you can organize things easy and smooth. On top of that, you will also save a lot of space since it presses the air out of the clothes while zipping it.

Shop the Packing Cube here

Best Christmas Gifts for Him

Shaving Kit

shaving kit

A Shaving kit is a great Christmas gift for him

While it’s nice to have a beard, it’s also nice to groom it. So if you know a guy traveler, this shaving kit will probably become handy and useful. I know, not the funniest present, but necessary for most guys! On the plus side, it’s a really nice kit with everything you need for a nice shaving session.

Shop the Shaving Kit here

Inflatable Beer Pong Table


I just have one word for this – EPIC!

Bring your own inflatable beer pong table abroad, and play by the pool, in the pool or at the beach (or wherever you want, because you’ll have your own beer pong table!). If you know a guy this is probably one of the most epic gifts ever.

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Shop the Inflatable Beer Pong Table here

Passport Holder


Never worry again about a worn out passport

This passport holder will make your passport stay fresh and not worn out, even if you’re a frequent traveler. Thanks to my passport holder I’ve been backpacking and been to nearly 50 countries without even a scratch on my passport.

Shop the Passport Holder Here

Best Christmas Gifts for Her

So, this year I will also give you ideas on what to buy for your girlfriend, mother, mother in law, sister and so on. But, since I’m not a girl I got help from my lovely Christine, and these are some of her best tips on Christmas Gifts for Girls who like to travel.

Flamingo swimming ring


Your girlfriend will love to take vacation photos with this! 

The Flamingo swimming ring is fun and fabulous and a safe winner with all girls who like to travel. I mean what could possibly be wrong? It’s pink and amazing!

Shop the Flamingo swimming ring here

Menstrual Cup


Never worry again about leaks or having your period while traveling

Probably one of the best Christmas gifts or gifts in general for a female traveler. Abroad it might be hard to find tampons and pads, so this will be very handy. Besides being useful, it will also save a lot of money. This Menstrual Cup will have you leak and odor free for 12 hours.

Shop the Menstrual Cup here

Passport Holder


A nice and stylish passport holder in pink and a quote that says “I’m outta here”. On top of being fab, it’s also very usable if you’re a frequent traveler since it will protect your precious passport.

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Shop the Passport holder here

Wanderlust Necklace


A cute necklace in sterling silver.

Do you know a female who loves to travel? Well, she will probably love this necklace with the famous quote – “All who wander are not lost”. It comes in Sterling silver and is both a fun and nice Christmas gift.

Shop the Wanderlust Necklace here


So, now you have a ton of ideas for Christmas Presents! I hope you like them. Which one is your favorite? Share in the comments below


Good Luck with your Christmas shopping & Merry Christmas!

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