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Beaches on Boracay

Beaches on Boracay

Boracay is a paradise island in the Philippines, which is mainly known for its many beautiful beaches.

The most famous beach on Boracay is undoubtedly the White Beach, which has been named one of the world’s most beautiful beaches several times. But there are more beaches on Boracay, and in this post, I will share virtually every beach on Boracay that is worth mentioning.

Puka Shell Beach

Puka is, without a doubt, my favorite on Boracay. Unlike the White Beach, you will not find many resorts around here, and there are only a few restaurants and bars at the beach. Even though it’s only a mere 20 minutes ride by tricycle from Station one, it’s still relatively quiet and not nearly as crowded.

To be honest, this is one of the best beaches I have ever visited, so I must say that a trip to Boracay is not complete without spending a day on Puka Beach!


Puka Beach boracay

White Beach

The most famous beach on Boracay. It was here it all started, and it’s much thanks to White Beach and its beautiful white sand and turquoise water that Boracay has become a well-known tourist destination in the Philippines. Nowadays, however, this is not quite the secluded paradise beach as it once was. It’s now fully devoted to tourism and no longer a wild paradise beach, but it still has pure white sand of the finest quality, though.

For those who like the hustle and bustle, this is a great place to hang out. The boats are lined up along the water’s edge all the way from station 1 to station 3, waiting for tourists who wants to go out on a tour. At the boardwalk, one will find a massive amount of restaurants, bars and small shops selling clothes and souvenirs.

It’s not my cup of tea when it comes to beaches since I like them more secluded and with fewer people, which is a pity as it is truly amazing.

That said, the White Beach is indeed still very beautiful, and it is pretty obvious that you should visit it when you go to Boracay. The finest part is at station one. However, there are fewer tourists on station 3, and the accommodation is cheaper over there as well.

boracay beach


Do you like to snorkel? Then you should head to Tambisaan. Here are the best opportunities for snorkeling and also where you will find the most fishes. Walk along the waterfront until you have gone about a third of the beach. This is where you will find the best marine wildlife.


A small, secluded beach where you can have a romantic dinner on the beach. The beach is only accessible when it’s low tide. Otherwise, it’s covered by water. Note that this is a private area, which belongs to Balinghai Resort, but unlike other private beaches on Boracay, you can pay 500 PHP in entrance fee and stay during the day. The paid amount can also be used as “credit” at the restaurant.


A cozy beach where there is also a lovely lounge bar/restaurant called Spider House. Among the locals, this place is popular at sunset. However, the beach itself is not that special compared to the other beaches of Boracay, but Spider House makes it worth visiting, and the sunset.

philippines diniwid beach


Like windsurfing and kite surfing then you should go to Bulabog, which located on the opposite side of the island compared to station one. If you travel by tricycle it takes only about 5-10 minutes depending on which station you’re staying at.

Ilig Iligan

Ilig Iligan is one of the”wild” beaches on Boracay. It’s a public beach located next to the private Lapuz-Lapuz Beach. Admittedly, this beach is nice, especially since it’s so deserted, but it’s really not very fun to be there for a long time. Do it for the adventure and swim to two smaller beaches, which are located on the other side of the rocks, but the water is deep, so it is not something that suits everyone.

I would also like to raise a warning finger for the few tricycle-drivers trying to lure tourists who come there. They offer to run the boat to Lapuz-Lapuz, but it is forbidden, and all visitors will be thrown out, which means you have to pay for a boat trip unnecessarily. They even charge excessive prices to drive you back to town, and they are not very negotiable. Fortunately, it’s not very far to walk to the main road where you can stop a bypassing tricycle and get a normal price.

illig iligan Beach

Private beaches of Boracay


Lapuz-Lapuz is a nice and secluded paradise beach located next Ilig Iligan. Unfortunately, It’s a privately owned area by Fairways & Bluewater Resort Newcoast, and it is only their guests who have access.

If you go to Ilig Iligan, it will come people who offer to drive you there by boat. Say no to this, the guards here will throw you out as soon as they catch sight of you, which means you need to pay both for the journey there and back.

Banyugan & Punta Bunga

These are two paradise beaches located right next to each other. The beaches are located between Diniwid and Puka and are owned by the luxury Shangri-La Resort. Just as at Lapuz-Lapuz, there are guards here who are ready to force you away if you aren’t staying at the resort. The only way to enjoy these two beaches is, therefore, to stay at the Shangri-La Resort.

How to get to the beaches?

The easiest way of getting around Boracay is by tricycle. One could also go by scooter or rent a bike, but most beaches are more than 20-40 minutes away by bike. Tricycle is cheap, especially if you haggle. Below you could see some guidance and what you should expect to pay to go by tricycle:

  • Puka: 200-250 pesos
  • Station 1 to 2 and vice versa: 50-100 pesos
  • Station 1 to 3: 100-150 pesos
  • Ilig Iligan: 250-300 pesos
  • Bulabog: 150-200 pesos
  • Tambisaan: 200-250 pesos

Which beach on Boracay is your favorite? If you have more tips about the beaches on Boracay, feel free to share in the comment section!