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Arctic Bath – Review, Photos and my Experience

Arctic Bath – Review, Photos and my Experience

Arctic Bath is a floating spa hotel on the Lule River in Harads, northern Sweden. A luxury hotel that is also a member of the Small Luxury Hotels, which is a collection of some of the best hotels worldwide. 

This hotel has a focus on well-being and follows the four pillars of wellness: Proper Nutrition, Regular Exercise, Peace of Mind, and Care of the Face and Body. They also embrace the local tradition of cold bathing and sauna culture.

Arctic Bath is beautifully located in Harads with its main building and water cabins anchored on the Lule River. It’s a unique experience in Sweden where you get the chance to stay at a floating hotel with spa facilities.

Arctic Baths huvudbyggnad och två vattenkabiner i bakgrunden

Something that is very special with Arctic Bath is their cold bathing facility, where you can safely enter a round pool with a ladder going down into the cold water that is around zero degrees celsius.

After going for a swim in the cold water, you can warm up inside the sauna or outdoor jacuzzi that has an incredible view over the river. 

Except for the hotel’s unique architecture, one might notice the international atmosphere upon arrival. Most of the staff speaks English and comes from various countries around the world. This gives a more international feel to it as if you have traveled abroad, even though you’re still in Sweden

arctic bath huvudentré

Different types of rooms

All rooms include breakfast and access to the SPA for 2 people. Arctic Bath has three different choices of accommodation: Water Cabin, Land Cabin, and the Land Suite. 

Water Cabin

This is a floating double-room that is connected to the shore via a pathway. On the inside, one can enjoy a 160 cm double-bed and a bathroom with a shower. Moreover, guests have access to a minibar, floor heating, and a heating stove in the room. 

The Water Cabin also features a lovely outdoor area with a view over the river, where you can sit down and relax. If you’re staying here during summer, you can use it as a sundeck, and during winter, you can sit outside at nighttime to view the northern lights. 

Architects: Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi.

Water Cabin at Arctic Bath

Land Cabin

The Land Cabin is the best choice for families since up to 5 persons can stay in these. The room features the same design as the Land Suite but comes with more beds at the loft and also downstairs instead of a sofa. 

It’s a nicely decorated room with lovely furniture and details, while at the same time, taking advantage of the space without making it crowded inside. The Land Cabin is spacious and also features large windows overlooking the river and the surrounding vegetation. 

Architect: Designer AnnKathrin Lundqvist.

Land Cabin Arctic Bath

Photo: Daniel Holmgren / Press photo Arctic Bath

Land Suite

The Land Suite is a total of 62 square meters and is the perfect choice for a couple looking for a romantic getaway. There’s plenty of privacy although you still have large windows to enjoy the view with blinds that can be pulled back. 

The bed is located on the upper floor and the Land Suite at Arctic Bath also comes with the largest bed size, namely a double bed at 180 cm with plenty of room for two people. 

Architect: Designer AnnKathrin Lundqvist.

Arctic Bath

Downstairs, one can enjoy a modern bathroom with a bathtub and shower. In the main area, there’s a heating stove as well as a sofa and chairs where you can sit down and relax while enjoying the beautiful view. 

Landsvit Arctic Bath

Cold bathing and SPA

Something that you shouldn’t miss while staying at Arctic Bath in Harads is Cold bathing in the outdoor pool with zero degreed water, which is held ice-free thanks to bubbles and regularly removing ice formation during the winter months. 

Cold Bathing can be beneficial for health and well-being. It may improve cognitive abilities and strengthen your immune system. It may also lower pain and improve heart health. 

You don’t need to make a booking in advance to cold bathe, it’s open from morning to evening. After cold bathing at Arctic Bath, you can warm up inside one of their saunas or the lovely outdoor jacuzzi.

arctic bath kallbad

Outdoor jacuzzi

There are two outdoor jacuzzis available, both of them feature a wonderful view over the river. This was one of the highlights for me, and it was very peaceful to be inside the hot water while the winter cold surrounded the jacuzzi. 

Arctic Bath Utomhusjacuzzi


If you enjoy the heat, as I do, you’ll love the sauna area at Arctic Bath. There is not just one here, but three different saunas to enjoy both traditional sauna and steam sauna.

The traditional sauna is available in two different versions, one which cooler and one that is very hot.

Bastu Arctic Bath

Photo: Daniel Holmgren / Arctic Bath Press photo


The spa area at Arctic Bath offers several spa treatments with products from Kerstin Florian. There are various spa packages to book, including massage and treatments with hot stones. 

The Spa-ritual can also be recommended, where you’re guided through the various parts of the cold bathing, sauna, and jacuzzi to make the most out of your stay and improve your well-being. 

In your hotel stay, the following is included. An Arctic Spa kit with a body scrub, face mask, foot treatment, facial creme, and a brush. You can also enjoy the Sauna Gus, which is a sauna ritual with essential oils that is performed with an expert. 

You can also read more about the spa treatments at Arctic Bath on their website:

Dinner at Arctic Bath

Another highlight at Arctic Bath is the dinner, which is served in the main building. Behind the menu, is a very talented chef named David Staf. 

The kitchen concept at Arctic Bath has a focus on traditional courses from the region with local products in combination with modern techniques and ideas. Fish and meat are caught in the wild. There are also vegetarian and vegan options available. 

Every evening, a five-course menu is served which is different from day to day. In addition to the meals, one can also choose a wine package with selected wines, which have been paired to the food. Or why not a local craft beer or nonalcoholic beverages from Norrbotten?

There is also a daily lunch available with a similar theme as the evening menu but in a lighter form. 

Arctic Bath middag

The courses are well-composed with exciting flavors and beautiful arrangements. The theme is clear and consistent for each dish. I would say that the food is good enough reason to visit Arctic Bath.

The staff is friendly and service-minded. The dishes are presented in a lovely way, which enhances the dining experience further. 

Arctic Bath meny


The breakfast at Arctic Bath is of great standard and follows the Swedish breakfast tradition. The breakfast is so-called porridge buns, which are baked in the kitchen. They are delicious, and along with them, you can enjoy various cold cuts, cheeses, and smoked salmon. 

Coffee and juice are available as well, and there are other options to choose from for breakfast on request. 

Frukost Arctic Bath


As a guest at Arctic Bath, you can book a wide range of activities and day trips. Preferably, these should be pre-booked 7 days in advance. Which activities that are available also depend on which season it is when you visit. 

Within day-trip distance, one can also visit attractions such as Storforsen (the biggest rapid in Europe) and Gammelstad Churchtown in Luleå, which is a world heritage site. Below are some additional activities that can be booked via Arctic Bath. 

  • Moose safari
  • Dogsledding
  • Snowmobile safari
  • Ice fishing
  • Snowshoe hiking
  • Sapmi Experience
  • Northern lights tour

General information

Check-in / Check-out

  • Check-in: 15:00.
  • Check-out: 11:00.

Contact information

My thoughts about staying at Arctic Bath

I think that Arctic Bath is a very lovely hotel with excellent facilities and a staff that is service-minded. Also, the hotel itself is relatively newly-built, and thus very modern and fresh. 

The accommodation comes with smart functions and a compact design which takes advantage of the space in full and still allows for a spacious living area. That is something that I personally appreciate – a luxurious minimalism that has everything needed for a romantic weekend in northern Sweden. 

Another thing that I really liked was the food. It is very well-composed with interesting flavors from Lapland, made from local produce. Arctic Bath has a consistent wholeness to everything, which leaves very little or nothing else to wish for. 

There’s a thought behind everything. Moreover, Arctic Bath is also a great combination with another unique hotel in Harads, namely Treehotel. We stayed in the Land suite and I can warmly recommend it to other couples that are looking for a special trip together. 

Arctic Bath hotel

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to Arctic Bath? 

The closest airport is Luleå airport, which is located around 1 hour and 15 minutes by car from the hotel. Private transfer via car or helicopter is available to book separately. 

You can also take the train to Boden or Luleå, and from there book a transfer or rent a car. 

Are cash payments accepted? 

Arctic Bath is a cash-free hotel and only accepts payments by credit- or debit card. 

How much does it cost per night to stay at Arctic Bath? 

Price example 18 February 2021: Land Cabin (8900 SEK for two persons). Dinner can be added at a cost of 995 SEK per person. The Water Cabin costs 6900 SEK for two per night and the Land Suite is priced at 8900 SEK for the same date. 

Arctic Bath pris per natt

How much is a spa treatment? 

Spa treatments at Arctic Bath are available from 1795 SEK per person.

Is it allowed to bring dogs? 

Some of the rooms have the option to bring your dog. An extra cost of 500 SEK is added on top, which is later donated to a local water project for clean water. Before booking, you should contact their reception in order to confirm availability for dogs. 

Are children welcome to stay at Arctic Bath? 

Yes, Arctic Bath is a kids-friendly hotel that welcomes both adults and children, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. This hotel even offers spa treatments for kids and parents together. 

Is dinner included in the room rate? 

Dinner at Arctic Bath is not included in the room rate but can be added at 995 SEK per person.

Do you have more questions about Arctic Bath in Sweden? Leave a comment below!