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7 Weird fruits in Southeast Asia that you have to try

7 Weird fruits in Southeast Asia that you have to try

One of my favorite things to do, when I get to a new place, is to check out local markets selling fruits and other delicacies. This way you get to know both the locals and the culture a little better.

To try new stuff is a part of traveling and for those wanting to travel to Southeast Asia, shouldn’t miss out on these 7 “strange” fruits of Southeast Asia.

Some are more tasty and smelly than others; that’s for sure, but fun it is, and something that you do not get the chance to do back at home!


Durian is probably the only fruit that smells a long way before you actually see it. Whether one likes the smell or not differ from person to person. For me, I think the smell downright is disgusting and make me want to puke.

But, anyhow, durian is an experience that shouldn’t be missed in Southeast Asia. And I promise you, if there’s durian nearby in a market you will notice it long before you actually see it.

Durian fruit


One of the coolest I’ve seen the fruits. The first time I encountered it, was on the boat trip to Halong Bay in Vietnam. No one knew quite what to do with the dragon fruit, but after a moment of admiration, we cut it two pieces. To my little surprise was the white on the inside with small black kernels, like a kiwi.

The Taste: Nothing special, a little sweet and watery. Dragon fruit contains a lot of vitamin C.


inside dragon fruit


Okay, this fruit may certainly not be missed when you travel to Thailand. Chompoo tastes about the same as how an unwashed grandmother with old lady perfume smells like. I have never experienced anything similar when it comes to taste. But I can not describe it better. It’s just like you “eat” the smell of a grandmother with old lady perfume.

It may be that the Chompoo I bought was bad, but it looked fresh out, so I do not think so. However, I have not dared to try again. It will be next time when I go back to Southeast Asia.



In Thai – Lam Yai. A delicious fruit that looks a bit like a lychee on the inside. Longan tastes sweet and is cheap if you buy it at local markets. Really nice to bring to the beach or excursions!



This fruit is usually confused with durian, but unlike that durian smells Jackfruit not as distinct. The texture is almost like an artichoke. An unripe jackfruit tastes basically nothing but a ripe Jackfruit tastes a bit like a strange mix of mango and banana or something like that.

Jackfruit is simply a weird fruit in Southeast Asia that you have to try!



A weird looking fruit with a spiky shell. The taste, however, is more friendly than the look. Rambutan tastes like a mix of lychee and pear. The taste also reminds a little of the elder flower.


Salak (Snake fruit)

A cool fruit which is named after the snake-like shell. The fruit grows in several places in Southeast Asia. It’s sweet fruit where the flesh gives a kind of citrus-like touch on the tongue.

snake fruit

Have you encountered more weird fruits in Southeast Asia? Let me know in the comment section!


Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

Some people like smell of durian while other are not. But it is known as the king of fruit in Asia. Dragon fruit that have the flesh that has color like its skin, it is more teasty-sweet. Chompoo also have two type. The skin with the white color is more sweet. Jackfruit have some type. In my language we call knol. Knol, like ur picture like u have described. Knol-somlor used for cooking only. Sla-dok, it is sweet, but I think you don't know how to eat maybe. All these three fruits I mention look exactly the same (jackfruit) ....


Wednesday 9th of November 2016

These are very informative and interesting. I totally agree that Durian does not have a great smell but it tastes delicious. :)


Tuesday 8th of November 2016

Jackfruit is my favorite.