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7 Reasons why everyone should volunteer abroad

7 Reasons why everyone should volunteer abroad

To work as a volunteer is a dream for many. Some want to volunteer with animals, others with children or as teachers while others want to do something completely different. As a volunteer, you get the chance to help and give something back to the world.

Still not convinced about volunteering? Here are seven reasons why everyone should volunteer some time during their lifetime.

1. Good deed

A good deed does the heart good, and helping others is usually making people happier and feeling better in general. The good deed may also lead to a chain reaction where others get encouraged to help others.

2. You will grow as a person

By staying in environments and among people who have it worse and living under harsher conditions, you become more humble as a person. It also becomes easier to appreciate the little things in life that you otherwise easily take for granted.

3. Making the world a better place

As a volunteer, you contribute to making the world a better place. You make life better for someone else, and maybe even change their life for the better forever.

4. Looks good on the resume

Although this should not be the primary goal for volunteering, one should not hide the fact that volunteering looks good on the resume. People who volunteer is often more creative and positive.

In addition to that, they’re also being perceived as a better human being.

5. Role model for others

While you’re volunteering, you will automatically inspire and encourage others to do the same. In fact, you will be someone to look up to, a role model.

The biggest difference we can make will always be together, but it always starts with one person taking that first step.

6. You will feel better

Studies have shown that individuals who think about others more than themselves have lower stress levels. You’ll also get an additional reason to live since you’re helping someone else, which contributes to increased well-being.

Studies have also shown that the immune system improves and that one become more satisfied with their life.

7. It is fun

Last but not least, it is fun to volunteer. You receive daily meetings with new people and working with others who share your interests and passions in life. The community gets stronger the longer you volunteer.

And, when you’re not working, you’ll have a chance to explore the country where you volunteer and try some fun activities.

Or why not take the opportunity to spend quality time with the locals?