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7 Reasons to love Thailand

7 Reasons to love Thailand

Thailand has since the end of the 90’s been a real Swedish favorite during the winter months. Many travels here during Christmas and New Year, but also later on, or before to escape the dark and cold back home in Sweden.

But it’s not only Swedes that go here, but people from all the world are also coming here to enjoy paradise beaches, food and the fascinating culture and nature. 

I’m one of those Thailand fans, although I also like many other countries. Thailand is a wonderful country that is easy to travel around, and the same time very cheap with friendly locals.

If you haven’t been convinced you, here are 7 reasons to love Thailand and why it should be your next destination!

The food

Most of us have probably tried one or another Thai dish, either at home or abroad. Thai food is one of my absolute favorite kitchens and the biggest reason why I constantly yearn to return. Some dishes that shouldn’t be missed are Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, Khao Pad, Pad Krapow Moo Saap, Papaya Salad, Mango sticky rice, roti and Massaman Curry.

Especially street food is something you should not miss. Street food is both cheap and super delicious. In some places, you can get a delicious plate with plenty of food for less than a dollar.

All temples

If there is any country in the world where you could get tired of seeing old and beautiful temples it will be in Thailand. But not because they somehow would be uninteresting, but because they never seem to end. The whole country seems to have an endless number of beautiful and historic temples to explore.

No matter which part you visit, you can be sure of one thing – You always have a beautiful temple in your vicinity.

thailand tempel


Few countries have such kind and generous locals as Thailand. This is especially true when you get beyond the tourist traps of Phuket and Pattaya. Most of Thailand’s locations is delightful to stroll around and hang out with all the locals, both in urban and rural areas.

The beaches

If you yearn for sun and paradise beaches, you will certainly not be disappointed. Thailand’s beaches are impressive, and there is a beach that suits everyone, whether you like remote beaches or lively beaches with activities.

Something else that is popular is to visit all the small islands where paradise beaches are lined up one after another.

The culture

In Thailand, you will meet a different culture which is also a very friendly culture. Buddhism predominates and is the main “religion” in the country. Thousands of years of history and traditions are preserved around the country. Every village and town have its own history just like all the beautiful old temples.

Additionally, there are lots of fun festivals throughout the year such as Songkran and Loy Krathong. Dance shows can be seen in several places, and even Thai music is worthy of listening to.

loi kratong thailand

The Nature

It is not just the beaches that impress. Even nature, in general, is spectacular in Thailand with high mountain peaks and lush forests filled with exotic animals. From the ocean floor to the treetops in the forests of Thailand, you can be sure to experience beautiful scenery.

The Climate

A big reason why Thailand has become a huge favorite is the all-year-round nice climate. As winter draws in over Sweden and Europe, the rain season ends in Thailand and instead of snow and slush one can instead enjoy the sunshine and pleasant temperatures. Thailand’s climate is,

Thailand’s climate is pleasant all year round and still good even if it rains during the summer.

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