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7 Reasons to Love Laos

7 Reasons to Love Laos

Laos is a beautiful and scenic land that often gets overlooked in favor of Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. But a more genuine experience than Laos is hard to find, at least if one is looking beyond the small tourism available.

Laos is also a country where you can experience and learn more about the traditional Buddhism. The locals are friendly and after a visit to the countryside, you’ll realize that stuff is not necessary to be happy.

If you haven’t yet visited Laos, Here’s a list of 7 reasons to love the country and why it should be your next destination in Asia!

1. Kuang Si Falls

One of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls, about 29 kilometers south of Luang Prabang in the middle part of Laos. Here awaits turquoise crystal clear waters of several natural pools and a large and powerful waterfall at the back.

For those who feel brave and adventurous, it’s possible to go up on top of the waterfall and look down.

kuang si falls

2. All the happy children

Something I noticed in Laos was all excited and curious child who come forward and speaks as much English as they could. This is true even more the further out you get in rural areas, but also in the cities, most kids are happy and carefree.

Their smiles are so genuine and heartwarming.

3. Authentic Buddhist temples

According to many, Laos is one of the few countries where you can still experience the authentic Buddhism and it’s quite evident that Buddhism is a large part of the local population’s everyday life. Only in Luang Prabang, one can find a total of 34 Buddhist temples throughout the city.

4. Rural life

Laos is a country that is far behind the modern society in many ways. Especially in rural areas where many still live traditional lives and work hard. Wi-Fi is almost non-existent in rural areas in Laos (although it is under development), which provides a very different experience.

Here you can live in the real world and everywhere you see kids running around and laughing and playing. Bicycling around and experience the countryside in Laos is quite amazing and you truly realize that material things are unnecessary.

5. The French heritage

Laos is a former French colony, and even today you can see the French heritage around the country, including both food and architecture. Especially in Luang Prabang and the capital Vientiane, where there are plenty of colonial buildings.

6. Affordable

Like many other countries in Southeast Asia, Laos is a very affordable destination. A meal can be had for as little as a dollar and a hotel can be found from $10 and up. It’s the same with massage and spa treatments. For those who are willing to spend a little more, one can get luxurious experience and high standards for as little as a third of the price compared to home.

7. Vang Vieng

This was formerly a given destination on many people’s bucket list which was known for its river tubing where you glided down the river from one bar to another in a bathing ring while drinking beer and cocktails. Unfortunately, there was too many accidents and bars were forced to stop serving alcohol.

Today, the bars are still open and serve drinks and food (alcohol is limited), but even if you can’t get totally wasted, it’s an amazing experience. Besides River Tubing, Vang Vieng is known for adventure activities, caves and their natural pools of turquoise water.

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