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Japan is hands-down the coolest country I’ve visited. There is truly something for everyone (how cliché it may sound). Japan is a country that is of history, temples, beautiful scenery, modern skyscrapers, and technology combined with friendly locals, good food, and experiences that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

The trip to Japan is something that everyone should do at some point in their life and if you’ve not already planned a trip there, here’s a list of 7 Reasons to love Japan and why your next trip should go there!

1. Locals

Japan is the country in the world where I met the most pleasant, polite, helpful and wonderful people overall. They even wait at the crossing if the light is red. They also always thank you and greet, and although not everyone speaks English, they do everything to help you.

There is also no facade behind their friendliness or an interest in money (as it can be in other Asian countries, such as India or Thailand). The Japanese are genuinely wonderful people, and just the locals are enough reason to go there!

Of course, this is in general, but it shows so clearly that customary in Japan that they should always do their best to be kind, accurate, courteous, helpful and above all not to do any harm.

2. Beautiful nature

My first thoughts when I hear Japan, is sushi, neon signs, modern cities, great people and old temples. Nature is thus not the first thing you think of when someone mentions Japan (except Japanese gardens), but the fact is that the country has an incredible selection when it comes to natural beauty.

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There are many different variations such as hot springs, snowy mountains, lush forests, waterfalls and even paradise beaches.

3. Okinawa

Japanese counterpart to Hawaii, which shows quite clearly, thanks to all of the Hawaiian shirts available. Even, Pikachu got a Hawaiian shirt. It is here that the Japanese themselves are going on vacation, mostly to the islands of Miyakojima and Ishigaki, where there are plenty of paradise beaches.

A surreal experience, especially if you’ve just come from the “mainland”. It’s a remarkable place which I would love to visit again!

4. Exciting culture and history

Japan is a place that has been inhabited for a long time, and the country claimed a spot as one of the most powerful countries in the early days of the modern world. This, combined with a rich culture has meant that there are thousands of years of history and temples to explore.

Traditional habits and ethics still characterize a large part of everyday life, and it’s a genuine experience that you get when you are traveling around in Japan.

5. The food

Sushi, Yakiniku, yakitori, ramen and more await those who visit Japan. But it is not just the dishes that compliment the food in Japan.

You’ll also enjoy exciting food experiences, for example, sushi on a conveyor belt, theme restaurants (e.g., robot restaurant), food ordered from vending machines and small yakiniku places that only accommodate 2-5 people.

6. Manga & Anime

For some, Manga & Anime feel strange, but in Japan, it is rather a norm to be interested in it. Whether you are interested in it or not, it’s awesome to experience because it is so different to other parts of the world.

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7. Tokyo

The world’s coolest city! In Tokyo, you can without exaggerating really find anything you can imagine (how cliché it may sound). Tokyo is a mega city that everyone should visit at some point in their lives.

Neon signs, theme restaurants, many districts, 12 level clothing stores, gigantic shopping malls, sushi on a conveyor belt, old temples, the world’s largest crosswalk and 13.5 million people are just some of the things that impress during a visit to the city!

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