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7 Reasons to Love Denmark

7 Reasons to Love Denmark

Denmark, the southern neighbor of Sweden, is a destination that deserves more attention. Not only the fact that Copenhagen is one of the world’s best cities, but you can also enjoy paradise beaches, good food, and friendly locals.

Here are 7 Reasons to love Denmark and why this should be your next destination!

1. Copenhagen

The real capital of Scandinavia has everything you could wish for, good food, beautiful buildings, a vibrant nightlife, multicultural, great public transportation and bike paths, numerous events and a unique charm and atmosphere.

You may notice how much I love Copenhagen? Yes, quite right. I love Copenhagen, and it’s a fantastic city that I hold as one of the world’s best. For those who haven’t spent as much time there like me, I can only say – go!

2. Pølse

The red sausage can also be purchased in Sweden, and Pölsemannen is established in all major Swedish cities. But there is something special about eating Pølse in Denmark.

Extras: Danish mustard and ketchup, plus roasted onions and of course a green Tuborg. Simple, cheap and tasty!

3. The beaches

Denmark is full of lovely beaches, just near Copenhagen you have three excellent beaches: Amager Beach Park, Svanemølle beach, and Bellevue. Some other Danish towns that offer Nordic paradise beaches are Løkken Skagen, Dueodde (Bornholm), Marienlyst and Hornbaek.

4. Locals

Danes are known for being relaxed and talkative. They talk about everything, and as long as you are nice to them, you can expect to get lots of friendly chats.

5. Legoland

Do you like Lego? Then Legoland is the place for you. An amusement park which offers rides and entertainment for the whole family. The amusement park is, of course, best known for Lego and there are lots of mini-worlds with huge buildings and characters made in Lego.

Legoland is located in Billund, adjacent to the first Lego factory.

6. Helsingör

As a local of Helsingborg I no longer can count how many times I’ve taken the ferry to Elsinore, but even so, it’s always a pleasure. There is much to see, cozy pedestrian streets and alleys, good food and nice shops.

Kronborg Castle is a favorite along with the classic cheese shops. The fact that there are also cheap alcohol and beer has made the Swedes pilgrimage here for decades.

7. Skagen

Toast Skagen? Well, not really. Skagen in Denmark has nothing to do with the so tasty dish known as Toast Skagen. Danish Skagen is instead a popular resort area located in northern Denmark.

Here await an idyllic setting and beautiful beaches that are full of life and movement during the summer months.