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Budapest is one of my favorite cities in the world. Partly because it is so beautiful but also because it is cheap and full of attractions along with friendly locals. Moreover, it is easy to get around, and the food is delicious!

If you haven’t yet visited Budapest. Here are 7 reasons to love Budapest and why it should be your next destination!

1. The food

Hungary has a long tradition of cooking, especially when it comes to rich stews. You have probably heard of goulash, but if you haven’t been in Hungary, the probability that you’ve eaten a real guylás is quite small.

A traditional bowl of gulyás is, of course, a must when you go to Budapest or Hungary in general, but there are a lot of other dishes that impress. Some of my favorites are Pörkölt, paprikáscsirke, langos, Hortobágyi palacsinta, rántott Csirke and Töltött káposzta.

Ungersk gulasch

2. Ruin Bars in Budapest

A distinctive characteristic of Budapest, the old ruin bars that have become so popular in recent years. The ruin bars in Budapest are basically old apartment houses as creative Hungarians have made into pubs. Some, however, has become so popular that they will be a ruin bar for several years ahead. The most famous ruin bar here in Budapest is the one called Szimpla Kert.

If you go here and want entertainment and nightlife, the ruin bars is a given stop!

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3. Affordable Opera

If you have never been to an opera before, Budapest is probably the best place to attend one for the first time. With low prices and high-quality shows, you get a lot of money while you get to experience opera in one of the world’s finest opera houses.

4. Thermal Bath & Spa

Budapest has several times been named as Europe’s spa capital and rightly so. The city has over 100 thermal springs that are sure to get your body and mind to smile. In addition to bathing in the mineral-rich water and different temperatures, visitors can also pamper themselves with low-priced facial treatments and massages.

The two largest spas in Budapest are Gellert Hill and the Szechenyi bath, but I can also recommend Rudas and the Kiraly bath.

Szechenyibadet i Budapest

5. Shopping

Like to shop? Then you won’t be disappointed when you go to Budapest. You’ll find one of Europe’s largest shopping center – Westend City Center. The shopping center is centrally located next to the train station Nyugati pályaudvar.

Other shopping centers in the city which are worth a visit: the Arena Plaza and Arkad. On the pedestrian street Vaci Utca and Andrássy Boulevard, you will find all the international chains and luxury designer shops.

6. Easy to get around

To get around in Budapest is always a pleasure. Everything is smooth and easy, whether you are walking, riding the bus, taking a taxi, tram or metro. For those of you who plan to travel around a lot, I recommend buying a three-day pass or weekly pass if you stay for a week. Then you can go on public transportations as much as you want.

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In the central areas, however, most places are within walking distance.

7. The architecture

Few cities in Europe are so well preserved and offers so much culture and exquisite architecture as Budapest. Wherever you go, you can admire the majestic architecture, especially when checking the famous Parliament and the Royal Castle, or Matthias Church and St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Even the bridges that you cross over to the Buda side are fantastic with many beautiful details like all the other buildings in the city.


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