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7 Odd and fascinating cafes in Tokyo

7 Odd and fascinating cafes in Tokyo

Tokyo’s theme cafes have become famous all around the world, and here it’s possible to find everything you can think of, plus some more. The cafes are popular among both tourists and the Japanese themselves and attract many visitors daily.

In this article, I’ve chosen and listed seven odd and fascinating cafes in Tokyo. These cafes are yet another proof that one never ceases to be surprised and amazed at what you can find in this exciting city!

1. Maid Cafe

For those who dream of being waited on by a maid in a classic “French Maid” outfit, this is the place where you should go. The staff consists of 100% of cute girls who will serve you food and drinks in a classic maid outfit.

2. Cat Cafe

Japan’s cat cafes have become world famous, and now there’s plenty of cat cafes all around the world. However, nothing could beat the classics in Tokyo. Visiting a cat cafe is one of the top things to do in Tokyo. In the video, you could see what to expect when visiting a traditional Japanese cat cafe.

The best and most popular cat cafe is without doubt; Temari no Ouchi. Make sure to have a reservation before you go there.

3. Cuddle Cafe

Yes, you read that right actually, but it’s not animals that you will cuddle with, it’s random humans. A cuddle cafe is for those people who want to cuddle and spoon with a stranger. But it is strictly cuddling and spooning that applies and absolutely no sex. So, if you crave cuddling with a stranger? Head to Tokyo and go to a Cuddle Cafe.

4. Rabbit and Owl Cafe

Contrary to the cat cafe, these cafes often keep the rabbits in cages and owls in chains. So even though this might sound like a dream come true, it’s not kind to the animals, and you should avoid these places if you care for animals.

5. Tv and video games Cafes

Every now and then limited edition cafes pop up with different tv shows and video games theme, often around the hip areas of Harajuku or Shibuya. Most of them only have open during a limited period, though.

6. Moomin Cafe

Have you ever seen a show called Moomin Valley? It’s a Finnish-Swedish animated tv-show, which some Japanese people absolutely adore. At the Moomin cafe, it’s possible to have lunch with the stuffed animal characters from the show and to eat some delicacies from the Moomin Valley.

The interior looks just like in the tv-series, and they are even playing Moomin themed music. It might seem a little weird to having lunch with a stuffed animal, but it could actually be quite fun.

7. Robot Cafe

This place is more of a restaurant than a cafe. However, it’s also one of the coolest experiences in Tokyo. The price is quite steep, though, with prices from around 150 euros per person. At this place, you will enjoy a nice full dinner and a show that you will remember for life.

Luminous glowsticks, dancing robots, girls who’re dressed up like Christmas bunnies is just some of the things you will see during the show.