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7 Advantages when living on Malta

7 Advantages when living on Malta

Looking to move to Malta? in the end of 2014, I tried how it was to stay in Malta for 3 months.

Although I did not choose to settle down there permanently, there were many advantages of living in Malta, and here you have seven of them.


Malta is one of Europe’s most sun safe destination and the climate is pleasant all year round. It is rarely below 10 degrees and in the autumn and spring, it’s around 10-20 degrees. It is so wonderful to be able to walk around in T-shirts or with a light jacket in September/October.

You don’t have to worry about freezing to death during the winter since it rarely gets really cold outside.

More value for money

Luxury apartments and houses are available for less than half price compared to Sweden and other Western countries. Moreover, it is cheaper to live and lower fixed costs.

The standard is also good, private healthcare is cheap and good just like most other things you could possibly want. For the same amount at home in Sweden, so you simply get much more in Malta, which means that you can enjoy a higher standard of living.

inexpensive public transport

For as little as 1.50 euro you can use public transport for 24 hours over the island. The buses run frequently to and from Valletta, and there are buses to almost all towns and villages in Malta.

Almost everyone understands English

Malta was part of the British Empire until the moment it became fully independent in 1964. Both Maltese and English are official languages, and most can speak fluent English with no problems. However, the Maltese is the most used language by locals or a kind of mixture.

Anyway, you will not have any trouble making yourself understood.

Fruit & Vegetables

There are plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Both in markets and in the shops. It is cheap and the supply is good thanks to the country’s position in the Mediterranean. On Gozo, agriculture is big and there are often locally grown fruit and vegetables available.

Mela Mela

A common expression among the locals, which can mean a bit of everything. But a common meaning is “things will work out” or “no stress”.

If you live in Malta, you have to live with this, both the good and bad that comes with the expression. Some things will be quite slow, but on the other hand, it is more peaceful and less stressful.

Low taxes

Malta is a tax haven that offers many benefits. Among other things, it’s in Malta that virtually all online casinos have their headquarters.businesses and individuals from all over the world come to Malta to be able to take advantage of low taxes.

But also businesses and individuals from all over the world come to Malta to be able to take advantage of low taxes.

If you’ve residency in Malta, you only pay tax on money brought into the country. The rest is tax-free, which means you may end up at almost 0% in taxes.

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kylie cre8tone

Tuesday 17th of January 2017

I never knew Malta is so amazing until read your post... This is such a lovely place..

Alexander Waltner

Friday 20th of January 2017

Thank you :) Yes Malta is beautiful and its position in the Mediterranean sea is also great.