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7 Advantages of living in Greece

7 Advantages of living in Greece

Greece is perhaps my favorite country to go on holiday. The tranquil atmosphere, friendly locals and all the cozy islands are just some of the reasons why I love Greece. But how is it to live in Greece and what are the benefits?

After living on Rhodes for a little more than a year I have somewhat a sense of what it’s like to live in Greece. But it’s not just me who see the advantages. More and more people from all over the world travel to Greece each year and fall in love, and in recent years more and more have bought their own homes, either for summer vacation or permanent stay. 

Here you can read more about 7 benefits of living in Greece, from my own experiences. 

Climate and weather

Plenty of sun hours combined with pleasant weather and temperatures that rarely go below 10 degrees. Although Greece is not exactly a destination that many choose during winter, but the climate is still pleasant in most places in the country.

In summer it is warm with cool breezes from the sea and also in the spring and fall. I find the spring and fall the most lovely time to be in Greece since there are fewer tourists and everything comes to life again.

Beaches and nature

With thousands of different beaches, there is certain to find one suitable for you, whether you long for sandy and pebble beaches or everything in between.

The variety is vast and the water is often crystal clear. Nature also offers variety with everything from dramatic mountains to lush valleys.

Lots of attractions and historical sites

For those who like history, art, and culture, Greece is a heaven on earth. Wherever you go, there are ancient ruins and historical sites to explore.

akropolis templet lindos

Super friendly locals

Greeks tend often to be friendly and welcoming. Every time I go to Greece, I always meet a familiar feel.

When you go to the restaurant, it’s almost like you are a guest at someone’s home. At the hotels are often families who are happy to do that little bit extra in order to feel at home.

The Greeks are also talkative and warm in general. Maybe that is why I also like Greece very much. It’s like a second home.

Great value for your money

Did you know that there are lots of bargains to find in the housing market of Greece? For the same price, you get a small one studio in Stockholm, Paris, Barcelona or New York, you get a large house on one of the larger islands in Greece. Not only that; food, activities etc are also cheaper. The price level is generally half that of what to expect in major cities.

You simply get a better quality of life and more value for your money here.

A relaxed vibe and pace

Greeks are known for their harmonious and peaceful lifestyle. A low retirement age and a stress-free approach to life. Sure, it has its drawbacks, but it’s also very nice to avoid the stress back home in your own country.

I think there are only a few places in the world that have a similar relaxed vibe and pace like Greece. It’s very unique and something that you will learn to love when living in Greece.

Greek food

There are few kitchens of the world that I miss as much as the Greek. Tzatziki, Gyros, Olives, Souvlaki and Feta Cheese are something that I always crave.

Not only is the food absolutely delicious, it is also cheap to eat out and the portions tend to be plentiful. Especially if you visit a family-owned restaurant (which often are the best ones).

grekisk mat


Saturday 17th of March 2018

Beautiful Greece is not only about the stunning coastal harbors and towns, there is unimaginable beauty in the northeast mountains of Epirus. Great walking, crystal clear river rafting, endless cycling routes and mind blowing views of Vikos gorge. Zagori region is an UNESCO nature reserve and boasts the cleanest rivers in Europe. The 40 Stone built villages are full of outstanding tavernas serving real Greek village food and wonderful happy people. This is a sanctuary for photography, tranquility and total relaxation for the discerning tourist. Fall in love with life. “Keep this area clean”!


Thursday 5th of January 2017

I've never been to Greece but your article really motivated me to visit the country. Thank you!

Alexander Waltner

Thursday 5th of January 2017

It's a wonderful country, and I'm glad that you got inspired :)


Thursday 5th of January 2017

I love greece!

Alexander Waltner

Thursday 5th of January 2017

Me too! Do you have a favorite island?