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60 Ways to make money while travelling around the world

60 Ways to make money while travelling around the world

So, you want to travel the world? But you don’t have enough money, or you don’t know how to get an income while traveling. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you might think. It’s all about being creative and finding possibilities where others see limitations.

If your fantasy isn’t spinning yet, I’ve made it easier for you and written about 60 different ways you can make money while traveling the world at the same time. If you do have more suggestions, feel free to share in the comment section! 

After all, 60 might sound as a lot, but in reality, there are over hundreds, if not thousands of ways to make money while still being able to travel a lot more than an average person. In the list, you will find some obvious jobs, but hopefully, you will also find a lot of “new” ways to make money that you didn’t already know about! 

1. Teach English

There are many countries where English teachers are needed. While most require native speakers, there are many opportunities for us who aren’t born in an English speaking country.

Japan, South Korea, Cambodia are some popular destinations among many others. Have a look at

2. Sell Timeshare apartments

If you’re a good salesperson, then you might have a good source of income waiting as a timeshare seller. Some of the most known destinations around the world where you can do this are Greece, Caribbean, Thailand and various other places with big resort areas.

It’s an advantage if you speak several languages, but most important might be that you can relate to the customers. For example, a Swede might sell better to other Swedes, since it will feel more trustworthy.

3. Diving instructor

Have a diving certificate? Then you have a bunch of places where you can work and travel at the same time. Egypt, Thailand, Australia, and Mexico just to mention a few big ones. Just contact various companies online and see if they’re in need of staff, or simply go there and apply on spot.

You can also attend a diving course yourself and afterward become a dive instructor.

dive instructor - make money while traveling

4. Flight attendant

Not every airline company require a fancy college education. There are many who offer their own training. Being a flight attendant is quite obviously a good choice if you want to work and see the world at the same time.

Most of the times you’ll have your accommodation paid for as well, which means you can save more money.

5. Work at a resort or hotel

Hotels and resorts are always in need of staff, and it can be a huge benefit that you’re from another country. Even better if you’re from the same country as the majority of the hotel’s guests.

There are lots of different jobs you can apply for, such as receptionist, restaurant, entertainment, housekeeping, maintenance, concierge, hotel manager and so on. The more languages you can speak, the better chances you have to find a nice job.

6. Work at a Hostel

Not everyone is staying in hotels. Guesthouses and hostels around the world need workers as well. It might not give you the best salary, but you will have somewhere to live for free in exchange for some hours of work.

This is common all over the world, and if there’s a possibility many hostels will accept this kind of service exchange

7. Freelance

Do you have a specific skill or skills? Perhaps in web design, programming, editing, marketing, law or something else where you can work online. Then you can become a freelancer and work for yourself and set your own hours, thus enabling you to travel and work at the same time.

There are many websites listing freelancer jobs, such as Elance, Odesk or

8. Professional Vlogger

Vlogging has grown so much in recent years, and the top bloggers out there are making millions of dollars each year. With that kind of money, one could travel around the world for a very long time.

YouTube is a popular place for vloggers, but you can also upload your own videos through Vimeo or some other website that allows you to make money from ads.

9. Become an actor

Go to Mumbai and just stand in one place in the famous Colaba district, and you will see that it won’t take long before someone ask you about making a Bollywood movie. This will probably not make you rich, but you get to be in a movie, and make some small money so that you can travel more!

Not only Mumbai has this opportunity. Production companies all over the world need people to be in their movies besides the big actors.

10. Working Holiday Visa

Countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore are offering a “working holiday” visa, mostly to people in the ages between 18-30. If you’re within this age group, then this is a good opportunity to make money and travel at the same time.

These visas will let you stay in the country and work for 1 year at the time. And when you got the visa, you just need to be creative and search any job that you can think of.

11. Fruit Picking

Picking fruit is another popular backpacker job, mostly in Australia. The payment will vary and can be everything from accommodation and food to payment per kilo.

picking fruits

12. Become a personal trainer

Educated within the fitness niche? or you just have a solid experience? Then you can find PT-jobs at local gyms all over the world. Some gyms will accept deals where you get them new customers and you split the commission, or even better they get the membership fees and you get your own PT fees.

13. Start a travel blog

Since I’m doing this myself I will be honest and tell you that this won’t give you the big money right away, and it’s a lot more work than you can possibly imagine if you want to be a professional travel blogger. However, it might be a good side source of income and at the same time lets you update friends and family about your travels.

Read my step-by-step guide on how to start a travel blog

14. Become a blogger

Just because you travel doesn’t mean that you have to write about it. You can just as easily set up a blog within another niche. Write about what you’re passionate about, and it will be easier to make an income from it.

15. Affiliate Marketing

While this is a saturated market, it sure can be profitable. In short, affiliate marketing means that you recommend other companies services or products, and then earn a commission for every sale that comes via your affiliate links.

It’s a great source of passive income, which is one of the easiest ways to become economically independent in the long run.

16. Copywriter

There are actually a lot of copywriters who travel around the world. Copywriting means that you write short search optimized texts for companies. The more languages you know and the better you write, the better chances and salary awaits.

17. Translator

Do you know some more languages other than your native tongue and English? Then chances are that you can find a translator job online or in that country. Spanish is a good example, as there are so many Spanish countries in the world.

18. Day-Trading

Sure, it’s not something for everyone, and you will need some money upfront, but the rewards can be big. Of course, you will need to get knowledge about the stock market and so on, but that’s possible if you have the ambition. Day-trading is simply that you buy and sell stocks the same day, and make money as the stocks go up and down.

19. Housesitting

Want free accommodation? Housesitting is a form of service exchange where you take care of someone’s house and pets (not always) while they’re on vacation or away from home. it’s a great way of keeping costs low and at the same time visiting another place or country! The length of housesitting differentiate a lot and can range from a weekend to a full year.

20. Work from home, but abroad

So, you don’t have to actually quit your regular day job to travel, just talk to your boss and ask if it will be possible to do your tasks away from the office. Obviously not every job is possible to do from home, but it’s ever growing and more and more businesses see the benefits of having staff working from home and abroad.

21. Hairdresser

Choose any popular hostel or several, put up a sign and offer guests a haircut. Make sure to offer a reasonable price, and you’ll surely have some backpackers standing in line for a cheap haircut. It will, of course, be better for everyone if you actually know how to do a nice haircut and a professional scissor.

22. Masseuse

Who doesn’t love a good massage, really? Same as #21, put up signs at hostels and offer to give guests a massage for a reasonable price.

23. Bartender

Bars are worldwide, and many of them want international staff, especially at tourist destinations. If you can see yourself in the same place for a couple of months, then I think Bartending is a great way of making extra money. Hotel bars usually pay better than regular nightclubs or tourist bars.


Yes, this is me back in 2010

24. PR

Are you talkative? Good Looking? Good on making contact with strangers? Then PR might just be the perfect job for you. Restaurants and bars are often in need of promoters, and if you’re talented you can surely make good money at it.

25. Work at a café or restaurant

The same thing for cafes, ask around the locals or backpackers if they know some places. Ask for the boss and just hand out your CV. You can also check for job ads in the local newspaper or signs in public areas.

26. Design websites

Know a bit about coding? The more you know, the better, but even the basic knowledge can be sold for a couple of dollars an hour. You might not get rich of it unless you’re tech-savvy, but you can still make some bucks and travel at the same time. If you’re staying at hostels or eating at local restaurants, ask if they want their website redesigned or created for a reasonable price.

27. Become a model

Again, if you’re good looking you will have better odds of finding a job. Modelling is another type of job you can apply for if that fits your description. You don’t have the become a world-famous model to make money from it. A lot of small jobs will add up and allow you to continue your travels. And who knows? You might be the next top model and earn a fortune!

28. Teach how to play an instrument

If you’re more of a musical person and can play some instruments. Why not teach others? I’m sure there are plenty of people worldwide who would love to get a private tutor for a reasonable price. Put up posters and signs in public areas, schools or even hostels with your contact info.

29. Teach languages

If you know several languages, then you have the opportunity to teach others and get paid for it. Either online or in a real school. You don’t have to be graduated as a teacher to teach others as long as you’re fluent.

30. Teach people how to dance

Again, put up posters and signs. Find a public park and teach others how to dance. You can also offer this service to schools, restaurants, bars and work out a deal that will benefit everyone.

31. Teach yoga

Same thing with yoga!


32. Cooking classes

If you’re talented in the kitchen, why not teach others? This might be a bit more difficult to achieve while traveling through, but there is always a way, and I’m sure that if you just reach out to potential places (example: hostel, restaurant, hotel…)that will benefit from a cooking class, you might be surprised on how many yes you will receive. Offer to split the profit with the one who’s offering their kitchen.

33. Construction worker

If you’re strong and handy this can be a great opportunity to make some extra money. A lot of places over the world offer short-term projects and then you can just move along to the next project somewhere else when it’s finished.

34. Au Pair

Most of the times you will also get accommodation and food included on top of your salary, which makes this a great start of an adventure abroad. You will get to experience a new place and at the same time save money. The more you do this and get good references, the easier it will get, and the higher salary you can demand!

35. Surf instructor

Being a surf instructor will require some basic knowledge, but you don’t need to be an expert. Sometimes you will be fine as long as you can surf and are better than your students.

36. Chef

Do you have hidden cooking talents or a solid degree within the restaurant industry? I’ve got “news” for you! There are restaurants all over the world, and as long as you can speak English you will be able to find work as a chef in so many countries!

37. Tour Guide

People, in general, like to travel, and a lot of travelers enjoy attending a guided tour. This means that there will always be a demand for a qualified tour guide. Qualified in this case will be solely on knowledge and your personality. Of course, you can get a higher salary if you got some experience to show, but in general, if you’re knowledgeable about a certain place or have the ambition to learn quick, then you can surely score a job as a tour guide.

You might not make a fortune, but at least you’ll get to travel at the same time as you’re making money.

38. Sell your art and handicrafts at local markets

There are lots of markets worldwide where foreigners can rent a booth and sell stuff. Of course, you will need some money up front or at least material to create something.

39. Tour Guide in the Caribbean

Being a tour guide in the Caribbean is not the typical tour guide job. I would more say that it’s like a welcome guide, where you get to greet passengers arriving by the cruise ships and guide them to the right tour bus/car. The salary for this job is okay, but on the other hand, you will get to live and work in the Caribbean!

40. Photographer

If you have a good eye and understand the basics of photography, then you have an opportunity to make money as long as you got a camera. For example, you can sell prints in your own webshop or sell your pictures on stock photo sites.

If you got some quality photos, you can also contact magazines and businesses who might be interested in buying.

postcards from Iceland

A photo I took at Kirkjufell

41. Travel writer

Good at expressing yourself in writing? Then you can become a travel writer. Even better if you really know how to captivate people and tell a story. The competition is quite saturated, but if you’re talented and get a few gigs you’ll receive more opportunities in no time!

42. Have a “normal” job abroad

A lot of people who ask me the question “how can I travel and make money at the same time” often forget that there are normal jobs outside one’s home country. You don’t have to limit yourself, especially not in this modern era where global companies are everywhere. If you have some expertise in a certain area, why not apply for work abroad?

Of course, there are visa issues and language barriers in some cases, but let’s be honest, a lot of companies will hire a person as long as their English is fluent if they have something special to offer.

43. Work on a cruise ship

An excellent way to make money while traveling and get valuable work experience at the same time. Most cruise ships sail for a limited time, such as 1, 2 or 3 weeks and so on. During this period, you will work a lot, but when you get back at land you will have several days off, which means you have plenty of time to do sightseeing before your next cruise departs!

Cruise ships can be found in several different regions around the world, and the more experience you gain, the better jobs you can get!

44. Work on a yacht

Similar to a cruise ship, but working on a yacht is not always paid, but it can be a good opportunity to see places you otherwise wouldn’t have. is a great website where yacht owners is looking for crew members.

45. Volunteer

Most volunteer places will not offer a salary. Instead, you get to help others and a chance to make the world a better place. Luckily there are a few places out there that will offer to host you in exchange for your voluntary work. That’s a good way to see the world and give something back.

Here are two great websites for finding “free” volunteer work and


46. Travel Guide/REP

Working as a travel guide or rep basically means that you’re working for a travel agent and take care of their guests. Welcoming tourists at the airport, guide them to transfer buses and join guests on excursions and activities is included in the job description.

One of the biggest travel agents in the world is TUI.

47. Edit menus

This might not sound like a real job, but actually, there are quite a few out there who makes money from correcting and translating menus at restaurants. If you’ve been traveling to a country where English is not the primary language, you’ve probably seen some funny misspellings in menus and signs.

You can also translate into other languages if you know them. You can do this in exchange for money or free dinner.

48. Busking

Got any talent that you think people would be interested in? You’ve probably seen some buskers in your hometown or other cities. They are quite common in bigger cities, and in most places, there will be a hat or something similar where you can put an amount if you enjoyed the performance.

Busking is basically just a general word for a street performance of some sort. It can be anything from dressing up as a clown and make balloons (please don’t, it’s creepy!) or playing some instrument, dressing up as the statue of liberty or just doing something else worth watching!

Just make sure it’s legal in the country you plan to do it in as it’s illegal in some countries.

49. Work exchange

Have a look at or and you be ready with accommodation and work after just a couple of hours. If you’re willing to work for accommodation and food, and sometimes even a small salary, then you can find many opportunities via work exchange sites.

50. Become an Influencer

This is not something that will happen overnight unless you find something that will go viral all over the world. But if you have time and know how to produce great content that engages others, then you might just have what it takes to become an influencer.

Some influencers make millions of dollars each year while others make less. An influencer is someone who has a following in real life or in social media and thus influences other people. Brands then pay them to showcase a product.

51. Social Media Manager

If you aren’t influential enough, but know what it takes to succeed in social media, then you could improve businesses brands and social media channels. It’s a pretty new job, so to speak, so the wage can differ a lot. And it will also differ depending on your experience.

Best way to get it? Get some good results or pitch companies directly.

52. Sell stuff online

Have you ever seen something cool that you’re sure others would be interested in? Or do you have a handmade product you can sell? Why not start a webshop or a shop on eBay, Etsy or Amazon and start selling stuff online while traveling. Sure it will take some effort to get things going, but in the long run, this could become almost passive income where you hire staff to do the daily things.

Even if you only sell some stuff, it might get you going for a few extra travels every year!

53. Customer Service Agent

Like talking to others on the phone or online? A lot of companies, especially betting companies are looking for customer service agents all over the world. The more languages you can speak, the better chances of scoring a job that allows you to make money while traveling!

All you will need is a laptop and wi-fi connection, and then you can download their chat client.

54. Virtual Assistant

Yes, I’m not talking about a robot (even though that will be the future), I’m talking about being someone’s personal assistant online. A lot of digital nomads who make a lot of money or have several businesses going on will need people who do things for them.

55. Professional poker player/gambler

This is certainly a bit riskier than the other jobs on this list, and you do need some money upfront to start out with. Around the world, there are many professional gamblers and poker players, and by professional I mean that they’re making enough money to live from it.

Sports betting is becoming more and more popular and you can make a lot of money if you got the skills and knowledge.

56. Interpreter

Are you fluent in some other language than your own and English? Then you can work as an interpreter. This can be done both privately and on a consulting basis.

57. Start a podcast

With the ever-growing online and wireless society, podcasts have grown exponentially in recent years. So, why not join the bandwagon and start your own podcasts? You can actually make a lot of money with podcasts through affiliate marketing or sponsored episodes.

start a podcast

58. Children’s Summer camp

If you like to hang out with kids and want to release your inner child again, then working at summer camps is a good idea. And luckily for you, when it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, it’s summer in the southern hemisphere, so there’s almost always ways to find jobs at summer camps.

59. Ski camps

If you rather hit the slopes and teach others how to ski or snowboard, then this is a great idea to make money while traveling. You will stay at the same place for a couple of months, but then you will also have enough money to travel afterward.

60. Be Creative

Last but not least, the most important tips for those who are looking for ways to make money while traveling. Be creative and let your imagination help you. Depending on where you are at the moment, the market will look different, but being creative will let you adapt and find news ways along the journey.


As you see, the dream of traveling the world and make money at the same time is not that far away. There are thousands of people out there doing this, and if it’s your dream to travel the world you shouldn’t wait!

If you have more suggestions on jobs or ways to make money while traveling at the same time, feel free to share in the comment section!

Aleksandra Slupinski

Tuesday 15th of October 2019

All great ideas! Found that teaching online was the most consistent and reliable for me when I first started travelling full time!


Monday 23rd of April 2018

Well... I don't agree with some of those. I work as a receptionist at a hotel and to get some holidays boy you have to wait. Also, you work long hours and most of the time weekends and it's super hard to get some additional days off if you want them. You can work part-time but then good luck with the money... Working as a baby sitter is better for traveling because usually they have all the school holidays and national holidays off as the parents of children are home then. But then again they earn little money. I think some of those are okay maybe if you want to change the countries doing these jobs so you can see those countries while working there, but then it won't look good in your CV if you change job every year or a few months. Also, it's not fun to move to another country every time, look for an appartment, get a health insurance etc... So, that's why I'm planning to learn a skill (I won't tell what ;) ) to be able to work from any place and get more money. I don't think most of jobs you listed here would be good on the long run.

Alexander Waltner

Monday 23rd of April 2018

Yes, not all of these allow you to travel full-time, that is true, but I know plenty of international hotels, mostly resorts where they have staff from different countries, where you get holidays, especially if there is a high season and low season. So you can experience that country and travel a bit, and then either change the country or stay.

In Sweden it's very popular to be an Au Pair in the USA, then they get money, some sightseeing and also often allowed to travel either with the family or on their own a couple of weeks. But, of course, not many of these are career jobs, so if a career is what one is looking for, this list only has a few options.

However, most people don't travel around the world full-time their whole life. Most people do it maybe 1-3 years, while some work from country to country for several years.


Saturday 24th of March 2018

You mentioned the obvious and famous flight attending but some how forgot to include the piloting on the list,l think it ought to be number one though most definitely not just attainable by anybody!

Alexander Waltner

Monday 26th of March 2018

Good suggestion, yes, I have tried to minimize the requirements for the jobs I've listed. Just to make it easier. But, of course, pilots are traveling a lot, and have some great benefits too!