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55 Reasons why everyone should visit Singapore at least once in their life

55 Reasons why everyone should visit Singapore at least once in their life

Do you want to Visit Singapore?

I’ve been here several times, and each time I find something new and more interesting than the last time. A lot of travelers are just going here for 2-3 days, and some even just as short as 1 day or a layover. This is something that I would like to change because Singapore has way more to offer, and it isn’t as expensive as some suggest either.

There are plenty of things to do and places to visit in Singapore, and if you haven’t yet been, here are 55 reasons why I think everyone should visit Singapore at least once in their lifetime!

1. Food

So, from my understanding, the food is an essential part of Singaporean culture and rightly so I think. Few kitchens in the world have such a broad and diverse range of foods being served. Due to the great mixture of cultures, you can find everything from Malay dishes, Indian food, Arab dishes, Chinese food, Japanese food and also international food and much more.

If you’re a foodie, then this is probably the ultimate reason why you should visit Singapore. Here are some traditional Singaporean dishes:

  • Chili Crab
  • Wanton Mee
  • Fried carrot cake
  • Kaya toast
  • Laksa
  • Hokkien Prawn mee
  • Chwee Kway
  • Nasi Lemak
  • Rojak
  • Popiah

2. Joo Chiat

Colorful neighborhood with iconic shophouses. Definitely another good reason to visit Singapore as you get history and beautiful colorful building at the same place.

koon seng road jo chiat

3. Fantastic architecture

Singapore might be the greatest mix between the old and new when it comes to architecture. There are many cultural buildings and historical places, yet there are stunning innovative skyscrapers and attractions all over the place.

4. Little India

Ever wanted to visit India? Well, in Singapore you have an area called little India where most of the people with Indian origin reside. Here you’ll find temples, shops and lots of Indian restaurants. And since I’ve been to India, I can tell you that it’s quite similar and very authentic!

little india singapore

5. Arab Street & Masjid Sultan

One of my favorite places in Singapore. The Masjid Sultan mosque is breathtaking and reminds me of the palace in the Disney movie Aladdin, and the Arab street is filled with shops, cafés, and restaurants serving delicious food and drinks!

6. Sentosa Island

The leisure island of the Metropolis. Here you can find plenty of theme parks and fun things to do with kids. For example, Sentosa Island is where you’ll go if you’re visiting Universal Studios. Sentosa is also home to some great beach spots, and you can get here either via cable car or taxi/bus.


7. Hawker centers

Food is a big part of the Singaporean culture, and there are so many hawker centers that I’m sure you won’t have time to visit all of them unless you live there. However, you should visit one of these hawker centers and try several foods that are being sold there daily.

Locals go to these for socializing and eat delicious food!

8. Chinatown

Did you know that there are many Chinese descendants living in Singapore? A lot of them live in Chinatown, where you can experience some real Chinese culture. Look at temples, experience Chinese New Year, Eat Chinese food and of course buy endless amounts of Chinese products!

chinatown singapore

9. Pandan Cake and a cup of hot Milo

Want to indulge yourself with some Singaporean desserts? Then Pandan Cake is a great start, which is best enjoyed with a cup of hot Milo!It’s really delicious and definitely something you should try when you visit Singapore!

10. It’s super clean!

The Singaporean streets and public transport stations are probably the cleanest ones I’ve ever seen, even cleaner than Japan. If you come here as a tourist, you should also know that you could get some hefty fines for littering.

11. Mamee

This is basically dried noodles with a flavor that you eat raw.


12. It’s a melting pot of cultures

Malay, Chinese, Indian and also a Eurasian mix from the colonial times have all lived together here for centuries, which has created a really cool mix where cultures from all over Asia and also Europe meet and mix.

13. Clarke Quay

This historical and colorful riverside quay is worth a visit. Nowadays it has turned into a lively nightlife area, so if you’re going clubbing, this is a great place to go!

14. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is probably one of my favorite man-made tourist attractions in the world. The supertree grove is impressive and cool, and each night they also offer a free incredible light show!


15. The world’s tallest indoor waterfall

At the Gardens by the Bay, you can also visit a place called the cloud forest, where you can stand in front of the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. It’s pretty spectacular, and the cloud forest itself is a cool experience.


16. Changi Airport

So, normally I wouldn’t list an airport as a reason to visit a country, but Changi Airport is different. It has been selected as the best airport in the world several times. So, don’t worry if you have a long layover because you’ll have plenty things to do.

17. Street Art

There are a few really cool spots where you can see street art in various forms. Singapore is a really creative place!

street art

18. Tau Huay

Whether you like it hot or cold, done traditionally or in the modern pudding form, this is one dessert that you should try!

19. It’s one of the greenest cities in the world

Yes, Singapore is very modern and has a lot of skyscrapers, but they have kept big chunks of green scattered across the country!

20. Marina Bay Sands

The whole Marina Bay is stunning, but the most striking building is, of course, the boat resembling skyscraper with the most incredible infinity pool ever. The hotel of Marina Bay Sands is reason enough to visit Singapore!

21. Shopping

If I were to mention 3 shopping destinations in Asia, I would probably say Bangkok, Singapore and Tokyo. You can find almost anything in here and the shopping center at Marina Bay is super cool!

shopping center singapore

Yes, this is inside the shopping center of Marina Bay Sands, WOW!

22. Lazarus island

Another stunning island where you can find a lovely paradise beach. Perfect to go for a day trip.

23. Helix Bridge

Probably one of the most creative bridges ever made.

helix bridge

24. Formula 1

Like fast cars? Every year, you can enjoy the Formula 1 in the Singaporean streets.

25. Universal Studios

So, not every city has its own Universal Studios, but here in Singapore, you can enjoy all the fun this theme park has to offer! Like the muppets for example.


26. Fountain of Wealth

How about watching the light show at the World’s largest fountain?

Fountain of Wealth

Photo: Zairon

27. Chapteh

A traditional game that’s still quite popular today.

28. Sri Mariamman Temple

The oldest Hindu temple in Singapore, and an important attraction. The Gopuram is especially beautiful and worth seeing.

29. Ice gem biscuits

30. There are so many Instagram worthy places

If there is one destination to choose as the most Instagram worthy, then I would say that Singapore is a really great contender. There are so many colorful and cool spots to take photos at, and it’s not just the major tourist attractions, there are so many more cool places to see!

instagram spots singapore

31. Nightlife

The Singaporeans know how to party and the presence of expats from all over the world has also resulted in an impressive nightlife scene.

32. Singapore Flyer

A classic attraction and yet another good reason to visit Singapore. From here you will get an amazing view and a lovely ride!
singapore flyer

33. Palau Ubin

An island on the eastern coast that’s considered the last “kampung” (village).

34. Raffles Hotel

One of the most iconic hotels in Singapore.

raffles hotel

35. Singapore Sling

The iconic drink is, of course, something you should sip on at least once!

singapore sling cocktail

36. It’s really cheap with Uber and Grab

While Singapore is probably the most expensive South East Asian destination, somehow the Uber and Grab, and also general taxis are quite cheap and they’re an easy way to get around this metropolis.

37. Pulau Hantu

One of the Southern islands, that is actually made up of two islets called “Big Ghost Island” and “Small Ghost Island”. At low tide you can walk between the two islets, and the name is thought to come from the fact that Malay warriors used to duell over there, so it’s said that their ghosts is still wandering around the island.

38. Orchidville

If you like orchids, then Orchidville is another good reason to visit Singapore. Here you can see plenty of rare and exotic orchids, which also the Singaporean national flower.


39. It’s a really safe country

Crime levels are very low here, and even if you walk home in the middle of the night, you won’t have to worry about being robbed or assaulted.

40. Siloso Beach/Palawan Beach

Probably the best beach to go to if you want to do some tanning and have a lazy day on the beach while you visit Singapore.

palawan beach

Photo: dronepicr

41. Merlion Statue

The iconic Merlion is a great symbol and totally one of the tourist spots you have to see.

merlion statue

42. Wild Wild Wet

A water adventure park if you want to get wet and have some fun in the water when you visit Singapore!

43. Interesting Wildlife

There are plenty of animals to see in the wild here in Singapore, such as pink dolphins, hawksbill turtles, dugongs, flying lemurs, the stink bug, porcupines and many more!

flying lemur

44. Pink Rose Tutu Kueh

A small cake that is steamed and filled with either coconut or crushed peanuts.

#PinkTutuKueh #QueenswayLauTanTutuKueh #女皇道老陳嘟嘟糕 @queenswaytutukueh

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45. Orchard Road

Probably the most famous shopping street in Asia where you can definitely shop til you drop. Orchard road is a shopaholic’s paradise!

46. Mofo Chili

Like Chili? This Singaporean brand makes a very special kind with 3 levels of spiciness.

47. Tiong Bahru

A charming neighborhood with plenty of eateries and cafés as well as local shops.

48. Bukit Timah Railway Station

Perfect spot to take cool railway photos as you don’t have to worry about trains coming.

Take me back to sg ??

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49. Singapore Botanic Garden

A huge garden where they showcase the best and most spectacular tropical flora.

50. Ice Kacang – A good reason to visit Singapore

A syrup flavored shaved ice dessert with various toppings. After talking with some Singaporeans almost all agreed that Ice Kacang was one of their favorite desserts.

51. Rooftop bars

With skyscrapers usually comes some cool rooftop bars, and Singapore is not an exception. If you like to sit high in the sky and sip on drinks, there are plenty of hip places to choose from such as 1-Altitude, Ce La Vi, Level 33 and Kinki Rooftop bar.

52. Art Museum

At this museum, you’ll find the largest collection of modern South East Asian art, and also lots of cool contemporary art.

53. Buddha Tooth Relic

buddha tooth relic

54. Thian Hock Keng Temple

An important part of Singapore’s history. This temple was built to worship the Chinese sea goddess – Mazu.

55. The mix of culture and people

I’ve already mentioned the diverse culture of Singapore, but the Singaporeans themselves is another good reason to visit Singapore! They’re friendly, progressive, tolerant and modern.

And most importantly, despite their different ethnic backgrounds they live in peace and harmony, and that’s something I admire a lot!

My Instagram Photos from Singapore

Hope you like my photos, and feel free to follow and say hi to me on Instagram! :D

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I’m sure there are more than 55 reasons to visit Singapore, it’s a really cool country, so if you know some more good reasons why everyone should visit Singapore, feel free to share in the comment section below :)

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Tania Gromenko

Friday 14th of December 2018

You got everything covered up!! Like you said why would someone list an airport in a blog like this but changi airport is really different, its like a big mall that has a hotel inside it (lol), also Universal Studios, its a must to visit if you are in Singapore with your family.