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5 affordable restaurants in Helsingborg

5 affordable restaurants in Helsingborg

Are you looking for affordable eateries in Helsingborg? There are plenty of good eateries in Helsingborg, both for lunch and dinner or just a quick takeaway. But unless you grew up or live in “HBG” permanent, it can be difficult to know which eateries are good and worth your money.

Here I have listed 5 affordable eateries in Helsingborg, where I and other locals have eaten at several times!

Rak Thai

A Thai-Restaurant located on Gustav Adolf Square, which has both seating and the opportunity for Takeaway. A Thaibox from Rak Thai is a real classic when it comes to affordable eateries in Helsingborg! The price ranges from 50 crowns and up.

Address: Södergatan 60.


Like food from the Middle East? Then Mezo is a good eatery to go to when visiting Helsingborg. Mezo lies next to St. Mary’s Church and is ideal if you want to grab a quick lunch/dinner at reasonable prices. A hearty dish cost around 100-150 SEK.

Address: Södra Storgatan 3.

Restaurant Panda

Asian food in the southern part of Helsingborg, opposite the bus stop at Gustav Adolfs Torg in the direction of the “Knutpunkten”. Lunch is very affordable and you get hearty portions. The food is also good. A meal at Restaurant Panda costs around 100 SEK.

Address: Carl Krooks gata 36.

Brock’s Subs

Down a side street in the northern part of Kullagatan lies Brock’s Subs, a well-known affordable eatery in Helsingborg. Especially among artisans and others who are looking for something quick to eat in Helsingborg.

Brock’s Subs offers delicious sandwiches with scrumptious fillings at a good price. A “Sub” costs around 40-70 SEK depending on the content, and if you want a half or whole sub.

You will get filled up real good, thus making this a really affordable eatery in Helsingborg!

Address: Ålgränden 6.

Ankaret på Råå

If you are going out to the area called Råå, or take the ferry to Ven, then Restaurant “Ankaret på Råå” is an excellent choice for dinner to eat before or after. The restaurant is a bit of a mixture of a snack bar and regular restaurant, but the food served is delicious.

Moreover, prices are low and you get a full meal for under 100 crowns.

Address: Västindiegatan 22, RÅÅ

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Do you have more tips on affordable restaurants and eateries in Helsingborg? Please share!