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For many it seems to be a mystery how to save more money for trips. The truth is that it’s all about prioritizing. Many people will see that they will easily have money to travel several times a year, as long as they are willing to prioritize a few things.

Here is a list of 25 saving tips that are guaranteed to give you more money for trips.

Stop buying coffee

Think about it like this, every time you go to a coffee shop, you might spend 3-5 €. This adds up to a large amount of money in no time. If you buy coffee everyday you will end up paying at least 90 euros a month, that’s 1080 € a year, and that’s only for the coffee. With that kind of money, one could easily travel a full month in Southeast Asia. Cut the Starbucks-coffee, and instead start brewing your own coffee.

Refrain from driving

Driving is expensive, especially if you live in cities where you pay a congestion charge. In addition to the cost of gasoline you would also need to pay for car insurance, and any repairs, laundry, etc. If you live in a major city, there is really no reason to drive a car, at least not when you’re going to and from work. However, I am aware that this tip is not something that would suit everyone, and that public transport may not be well-developed in some smaller towns.

Use public transport

Learn to love buses, metros and trams. By public transport, you can save several euros every month, which for a year could turn into thousands. The difference for you? A little less convenient when to get to and from work, but it’s not a big deal and it usually just takes a few minutes extra when going by public transport.

Learn to cook and make your own lunch boxes

Ready meals and restaurants are expensive. So instead learn how to cook and prepare both cheap and good food. When you cook, you could also take the opportunity to make your own lunch box to save even more. Cook a few extra servings and put it in the freezer or fridge and eat it the next day.

Use discount coupons

Take advantage of discount coupons that are sent out in Flyers, and look for more in newspapers or online.

Adapt what you eat after what is cheap in the supermarket

Grocery stores often have new deals every week, so by adapting what you eat into what’s cheap in the store, one could easily save a lot of money. Buy food with reduced price and you will quickly see your food expenses become lower.

Get an app that keeps track of your spending

To keep track of every single penny is not always an easy thing to do. When buying smaller products it’s easy to forget, but in the long run this smaller sums will add up to a larger sum. Download an app and start controlling your expensive. You could also do this with a normal notebook, however the app will make things easier and calculate everything for you.

Find a roommate

Rentalfees are one of the largest fixed cost each month. By sharing this cost with someone else, you could save thousands every year. Sure, it’s nice to have an apartment all to yourself, but what if you save, let’s say, 3000 euros a year? 3000 would definitely give you a memorable trip abroad.

Get a travel card that gives bonus points

Travel cards is a good way of getting free travels through bonus points. For every time that you buy anything with the card, you’ll get bonus points, who can later be exchanged into flights.

Stop eating out

Eating out is expensive, especially in developed countries. A regular lunch goes off at 7-10 euros and restaurant visit could end up at 30-50 euros. While it’s nice to eat at a restaurant every now and then, you could easily skip it a few times a year. This will save you quite a lot money, if you normally eat out regularly.

Cut the alcohol

Alcohol is expensive, especially at bars and restaurants. Did you know that alcohol is one of the biggest expenses people have each month? Cut down on alcohol, or even better – leave it completely and save thousands every year. You will both feel better and have more money to travel.

Use energy-efficient products

Electricity is expensive, but with energy efficient it will be a little cheaper. Of course it’s often no huge amounts by replacing lightbulbs, but it’s still money! In addition, you will also contribute to a better environenment.

Stop smoking

Smoking is not good for your health nor your wallet. With cigarette packs that cost 5 euro each or more your money literally blow up in smoke. Many people are smoking a package every day or two, and the money for that over one year’s time would be approximately 1825 euros. Just by quitting cigarettes you would save a huge amount of money, for which you could travel instead.

Sign up for newsletters from airlines and travel agents

It’s never fun to get your inbox filled with advertisements, but if you sign up for newsletters from airlines and travel agencies, you can be sure to not miss out on their best deals.

Buy big packs

Start buying big backs at large grocery stores. Think long term and buy as much as possible in larger packs, especially if you know that you will use it anyways, such as detergent, showergel, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.

Buy clothes and books Secondhand

Why buy new when you can get the same thing for half the price? Start shopping for clothes, books and other items through Second hand.

Cut the snacks and soft drinks

It’s not only unhealthy, it’s also a major expense in many households. Cut the snacks and soft drinks and you will gain an improved health combined with more money to travel with.

Put your savings in an interest account

If you already have a small amount of money, which you are sure that you don’t need to use, a locked interest account would be a good idea. Instead of having your money dusting around at your normal bank account, doing nothing. You could lock up your money for a longer period and earn a higher interest rate. Some banks offer up to 4% as a thank you for locking up your money at their bank.

Get an extra job

More income = more money for travel, simple math. Get a second job for a limited time and work a little extra, then you would suddenly have several thousands extra to spend on travel. Sure, it may seem hard to work when you would otherwise have some spare time, but look at it this way. Less time = more savings and more savings = more trips.

Cancel your TV channels

Nowadays you can watch almost everything online for free, so there’s really no reason to pay $ 500 per month to be able to watch television.

Sell gadgets and clothes that you no longer use

Do not let your old gadgets and clothes lying at home and dust. Sell them and save the money you receive.

Be satisfied with an older phone and a cheap subscription

To be honest, one hardly needs to buy a new phone every time a new model is released. Nor do they need to have the most expensive subscription. Instead you could buy a prepaid card with free calls and text messages, and be satisfied with your old phone, which is still working just fine.

Take an extra look at your electricity contract

It is often possible to choose who you buy your electricity from, and what kind of contract you have. Compare between different electricity companies and ensure that you always have a good price on your electricity.

Favors and services

Exchange favors and services with friends and acquaintances. This saves you both money.

Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

It is easy to accumulate magazine subscriptions, Spotify, Netflix and other subscriptions that costs money every month. How often do you actually services? Could you imagine being without them a couple of months so you could save some money?