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25 Reasons why you should visit The Philippines

25 Reasons why you should visit The Philippines

Are you curious about The Philippines? I was there last year, and I loved it. The vibe is amazing, and there are just so many things to see and do! Few places on Earth are as beautiful as this.

If you haven’t been yet, here are 25 Reasons why you should visit the Philippines!

Home to more than 7107 Islands

How crazy is that? A true island paradise with almost endless amounts of beaches, palm trees, and secluded places.

The locals are friendly and have a great sense of humour

One of the best things about visiting the Philippines are the locals. They are curious about other people’s culture, and they are happy to share their own if you show interest. And also, I found out that lots of them have a great sense of humour, making twisted and funny jokes.

That goes well with their national slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines”, and I’m ready to agree!

local filipino

Your money will go a long way in the Philippines

So, you now know that there are 7107 islands waiting and that the locals are friendly and sociable. What if I told you that your money will go a long, long way in the Philippines? If you’re from Europe or the United States, or somewhere else with similar average wages, then you will feel like a king or queen here.

Food is cheap and readily available in all forms, such as street food, restaurants, and big supermarkets. Activities as well are inexpensive. It’s also easy and cheap to travel to different places, either by plane or boat.

Karaoke is basically a national sport

Do you like Karaoke? Filipinos love karaoke, and oh boy, they can sing! There are lots of places where you can sing karaoke, but the best experience will probably be if you are invited into a Philippine home and get to experience the real deal.

In the video below, Filipino Jomie Hospital is telling you all about the types of Karaoke people in The Philippines!

It’s relatively unexplored

While the Philippines has a lot of tourists coming each year, it’s still relatively unexplored compared to Thailand. There are also far more islands to explore where tourism hasn’t gotten yet. So, it’s absolutely the right time to explore the Philippines!

The people of Philippines are gorgeous

I don’t know what it is, but there are so many beautiful people in the Philippines, and they range from all ages. No wonder that they have won several worldwide beauty competitions.

miss world philippines

Not only women, but Filipino men also do well in beauty competitions.

mister philippines

Philippine cuisine is amazing and like no other food culture

If food is something important when you travel, then you will love the Philippines. There are so many different kinds of food to try, and the flavors vary greatly. There are also many “weird” and exotic foods that you can try, such as the Balut, which is a boiled fertilized duck egg.

Of course, there are also food that you won’t find weird, and there are also international food readily available if you’re picky. But I do recommend to check out the street food and Philippine food in general.

Check out the video below to get a small taste of the Philippine kitchen.

Some of the best places to visit in the Philippines

There are so many places to visit, but here are some of my favorites that you shouldn’t miss out on!

El Nido, Palawan

Heaven on earth could, in fact, be located in El Nido. If you haven’t seen Palawan Island before, well then you should start planning your next trip here! Below is a drone photo from the Big Lagoon in El Nido.


Without a doubt, the most popular destination for tourists. And it’s incredible with plenty of paradise beaches and crystal clear water! Don’t worry if you think there are too many tourists here, there are still secluded beaches to explore in Boracay.

And if you like to party and just relax, then Boracay is a great destination! Read more about Boracay here.

boracay beach

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Another cool place to go when you visit the Philippines. A strange formation with hills as long as the eye can see. The reason why they are called Chocolate hills is not because of chocolate though, but because of their brownish appearance during the dry season.

As on how the hills were actually formed, there is not really a clear answer. Scientists suggest that it was due to explosive volcanic eruptions. A local legend suggests that it was actually giants who threw rocks at each other.

Here’s a guide on how to get to Bohol and Panglao

chocolate hills bohol

Panglao and Bantayan island

If you can’t get enough of lovely places with paradise beaches and perfect snorkeling conditions, well then you should write down Panglao and Bantayan island on your wishlist for when you’re going to visit the Philippines!

visit the philippines

Kalanggaman island

Ever wanted to visit a paradise island and have it to yourself? At Kalanggaman Island you’ll be almost alone since there is a restriction on how many people that can go there each day. This is a part of the Ecotourism that the Philippines are well-known for.


The capital of the Philippines, and a real metropolis filled with life and people. If you want to have a really local experience, then Manila is a great place to go. Is it dangerous? Well, every big city worldwide has some dangerous parts, but in general, I wouldn’t claim Manila as a dangerous city. Just use common sense and you will be fine.

That goes for all of the Philippines, it’s a very safe country.



It was here the Spanish first settled back in the 1500’s, and today it’s a sprawling city. From Cebu, it’s easy to get to many beautiful places, but the city itself is also worth a visit. The province of Cebu is one of the most developed ones in the country and here you will find everything you could possibly want and need.

It also serves as a hub of transportation to many islands and famous tourist spots.

cebu city

Kawasan Falls

An iconic spot that has quickly become famous via Instagram. That was also how we found out about this place, and it sure is beautiful. You can read more about our trip to Kawasan Falls here.

kawasan falls

Quezon city

Want to go local and experience the Filipino vibes? Then Quezon will be a great destination for you. It’s one of the bigger cities and thus also one of the most lively ones.

It’s also one of the cities that I hope to explore myself later this year.

quezon cityPhoto: Junbay

Banaue Rice Terraces

In Banaue, you can find some of the world’s most spectacular rice terraces. It’s located on the island of Luzon. Just look at this, absolutely stunning!

banaue rice terracesPhoto: Nonoyborbun

Mt. Pinatubo

Another good reason to visit The Philippines, this active stratovolcanic caldera is located in the northern part of the country, about 2-3 hours from Manila. If you like to hike, then you should definitely write down Mount Pinatubo on your Bucket list.

mount pinatuboPhoto: Chris Tomnong

Siargao Islands

If you aren’t convinced yet to visit the Philippines, well, just look at this footage from the Siargao Islands. Unbelievable, and the best part? It’s far fewer tourists here than in other Southeast Asian paradise islands.

More Reasons to visit The Philippines

The Philippine Tarsier

Probably the cutest animal I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. They are endemic animals, which means you won’t find them elsewhere. They are also endangered and needs support. One thing that will surprise you when looking at this photo, they are so small.

In fact, they are so small that they will fit in the normal size of a human palm.

tarsier bohol

Some of the world’s best diving sites

If you’re interested to find out what’s under the surface of the ocean, then you should definitely visit the Philippines. The marine life here is incredible, and there are plenty of unexplored reefs and places where you will find an abundance of sea creatures!

Some of the world’s most colorful festivals

If you like color and party, then you should visit the Philippines for sure. During the year there are lots of different celebrations to attend and enjoy.

Some Philippine festivals you shouldn’t miss:

  • Ati-Atihan Festival
  • Dinagyang Festival
  • Panagbenga Festival
  • Moriones Festival
  • Aliwan Fiesta
  • MassKara Festival
  • Kadayawan Festival

Here below is a photo from the Sinulog festival, which is one of the best festivals in the Philippines!

philippine festivalPhoto

Beautiful churches

While most countries in Southeast Asia are Buddhists, the Philippines is, in general, a Christian country. The pope has visited several times as it’s one of the countries worldwide with the biggest population of Christians.

With that said, you will, of course, find lots of beautiful churches. So, if you like beautiful religious buildings, make sure to come visit the Philippines.

manila church

Swim with whale sharks

One of the most famous natural attractions of the Philippines are the whale sharks. Many come here to swim with them, and that will be an amazing experience. However, make sure not to touch the whale sharks, and don’t support places where they feed the whale sharks, as that changes the natural

However, make sure not to touch the whale sharks, and don’t support places where they feed the whale sharks, as that changes the natural behaviors of the whale sharks and make them stay longer than they normally would in the same place.

Spoil yourself with some affordable Spa treatments

Southeast Asia is famous for affordable and great spa centers, and the Philippines is no exception. There are plenty of treatments and beauty treatments to pamper yourself with!

Flight tickets to the Philippines

Hotels & Guesthouses

Some of my photos on Instagram from the Philippines

Have you been to the Philippines? or are you a Pinoy/Pinay?

Let me know if you have some more reasons why everyone should visit the Philippines! And share your best tips in the comment section. 

king tolentino

Sunday 8th of October 2017

great vlog..makes me proud living in pinas... plenty more to explore man... you should go back here ??


Wednesday 14th of June 2017

Very Informative Blog!! Liked the style of expression. Philippines is one of my dream destination and this is really gonna help me visit there.

Lei Anne Gatica

Sunday 21st of May 2017

Ooh wwoww!! yes it is true that its more fun in our country. And i can shout to the world that i am proud to be a filipina!!!!!

Sallie Jane Cuaycong

Sunday 21st of May 2017

Its absolutely fascinating, isnt it? Who wouldnt love these lovely beaches, from mountains to volcano and most especially the hospitality Filipinoes are known for..hope you'll have the chance ot visit our're all very welcome!! And we will make sure to our promise that It's more Fun in the Philippines!!❤️❤️❤️?????? Bless you all xx