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Instagram is becoming more and more popular, and it’s a platform where you can find tons of inspiration, joy and amazing photos. Besides that, it’s also a great place to find otherwise hidden gems and new destinations to visit!

I use Instagram daily and here’s my list of 15 Scandinavian Instagrammers to follow in 2017. 



Hildegunn is traveling with her man – Samuel (@Eljackson) and together they capture some the most lovely couple photos on all of Instagram. So, if you don’t follow them today, I recommend you to do so ASAP!


A Norwegian photographer who’ve been featured by the biggest accounts on Instagram. His photos are truly magical and he’s a big role model for me when it comes to photography.


Evelina will leave Sweden in 2017 to travel the world full-time. She will do it solo and is therefore a great inspiration to young girls who wants to travel the world on their own.


Fantastic photos from above. Tobias, is a very talented photographer who’ve inspired me to learn more about drone photography.


A Finnish photographer who mixes northern lights with amazing nature photos. Her feed is a bliss for the eye, especially if you like nature!


Christine is my girlfriend and shares my passion for travel, so of course, she has a spot on this lit. Her feed is all about girly and lovely photos from our trips. A great inspiration for everyone who wants to travel, especially for girls and couples.


I actually discovered Oscar’s feed by a coincidence for about a month ago. Since then I’ve followed his trips with joy and his photos are truly magical!


Tatiana is a Norwegian photographer who’ve been following for a long time on Instagram. But, what makes this so much funnier is that we actually ran into each other in Mexico, without having a clue that we were we. It wasn’t until we saw each other’s photos a couple of days later that we realize that we actually met in real life.

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Tatiana’s photos are always top class and she’s sharing photos from her trips!


A danish adventurer who’s both having a great blog and shares nice photos on Instagram. A true inspiration to all Scandinavians who want to get out there and explore the world while still working!


A Swedish girl who travels, as of now in Central America. She’s always sharing lovely photos from her trips.


If you want fantastic and mystical photos with different subjects, well, then Peter Lundqvist is your guy to follow!


Female pilots are maybe not so common, even though there are more and more who become a pilot these days. Anyhow I think she’s a great inspiration and on her feed, she’s sharing photos from her trips and her daily life as a pilot.


Eskil Digernes is a Norwegian photographer and also one of my greatest role models in Photography. He shoots and share photos from his trips, both with and without his girlfriend. The result is always stunning and if you don’t follow, you should so ASAP!


Probably the most famous one of the Scandinavian Instagrammers, so of course he will get a spot on this list. His pictures are too good to not be shared here, and if you don’t follow him today, have a look at his feed!


Wildlife and nature photographer Konsta Punkka is well known both outside and on Instagram. But his magical animal photos should be shared over and over again, because they are simply out of this world!


Last but not least, my own feed. I share photos from the places I visit, and Photography is a huge passion for me and my photos have been featured by bigger accounts such as Travelandleisure, Matador, Intrepidtravel, Gadventures, Momondo just to mention a few.

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My goal is to inspire more people to travel and discover all of the beautiful places that exist on planet Earth!

Of course, there are more than these 15 Scandinavians out there with a great talent. But these are my absolute favorites and that’s why I’ve chosen to share their handles in this list with 15 Scandinavian Instagrammers to follow in 2017!

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  1. Tatiana Solberg 01/29/2017 at 10:20 pm - Reply

    Hi Alex!!!
    I was happily surprised when I saw you rated me so highly as to be a Scandinavian to follow on IG. Coming from a person who have a wonderful IG account and also takes great photos means a lot to me. I am also often thinking about the circumstances that led to meeting face to face, not knowing that we had I bound in our hobby. Thanks a lot for choosing me as one of the chosen to follow. Big ?

    • Alexander Waltner 02/01/2017 at 10:25 am - Reply

      You’re most welcome dear! :) Your photos is always so good, and maybe we will meet again somewhere!

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