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15 Reasons to go on a Road Trip

15 Reasons to go on a Road Trip

To go on a road trip is something special. There’s a sense of adventure that comes to mind as soon as you say the word or think about it. And if you’re going together with others, you’ll naturally enhance your bond and create memories for life.

You’re also free and get to decide where you wanna go, when, and how long you’re staying. So many times, I’ve been sitting on a train or bus and looked out of the window and seen the most beautiful place. However, since I was on a bus or train, I couldn’t just stop and get out.

But with a rental car, it’s possible to stop along the way and explore. Take a turn off the motorway and experience the quaint villages and places. If you’re thinking about making a road trip, but still feel unsure if it’s the right thing, here are 15 reasons why I think everyone should go on a road trip!

It’s not about the destination but the journey

1. You don’t have any set times to follow

This is without a doubt one of the primary benefits of going on a road trip. Because let’s face it, it’s not fun when you have to wait on the bus or train when you want to go back home or visit another place.

Next departure might not be until a few hours, or you might want to go back earlier, but no bus is leaving until later. If you travel by car, this is not an issue, and you can decide on your own when you want to go or leave.

2. It’s easy to discover hidden gems

Another reason why you should go on a road trip is the fact that it’s convenient and easy to discover hidden gems along the way. Some of the best places I’ve seen have been after stopping somewhere or after we’ve taken the motorway exit just to see something new.

The last time we went on a road trip in Germany, we were driving to the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein in Bayern. We drove from Freiburg, and along the way, we saw a sign for a town called Meersburg. We had no idea what kind of place Meersburg was, but after just a few minutes we discovered a really charming little town with an old town area, and a cozy promenade along the water, filled with bars and restaurants.


I mean, just look at this. What a charming place! Later on, when we read more about Meersburg, we noticed that it’s actually not that hidden among tourists, but if we hadn’t had our car, we would just have passed it.


3. More traveling for your money

Compared to group trips and package tours it’s often a lot cheaper to rent a car and discover on your own. This is especially true if you go outside the cities and travel to more distant places and towns. You get an experience at the same time as you save money while traveling on your own.

4. You can listen to any music that you prefer

Sure, no matter where or how you travel, it’s easy to bring a pair of headphones and listen to whatever songs you like, but it’s something special to put on your favorite songs in a car and blast the speakers high. And of course, you can also make your own playlists with all those old songs that are perfect for setting the mood on your road trip!

If you go for a longer road trip, it’s recommended to have a few playlists ready, since you easily listen through them after a couple of days driving. Another positive aspect is the fact that you will broaden your musical mind and discover new artists and songs!

5. To go on a Road Trip is automatically an adventure

Even if you plan everything into the details, you can never be sure about what’s going to happen (unless you’re one of those people who can see into the future). As soon as you get into the car and start the engine, an adventure will automatically begin!

hallstatt roadtrip

6. It’s easy to change your itinerary and be spontaneous

When you go on a vacation with your car, you get to decide how, where and when you drive. If something happens along the way, it’s easy to just change the plans and make the best out of the situation.

Me and Christine planned to visit Switzerland during our recent road trip in Europe, but we changed our mind once we realized that May was the least favorable month to visit the Swiss Alps.

Thanks to our rental car, we could quickly change our itinerary and drive somewhere else instead.

7. An opportunity to bond with your travel mates

No matter if you’re traveling with your partner, friends or your whole family, you’ll develop a stronger bond to each other since you’ll be spending a lot of time together in a short period. Hanging out literally 24/7 force you to get to know each other deeper, and you get to see new sides of everyone’s personality

A great tip to get along during your road trip: Always make sure to have snacks and drinks in your car. Otherwise, it’s easy to become hangry.

åka på road trip

We traveled here by car. We parked it just 10 minutes walk from here. It’s amazing how many mesmerizing places you can get to by car and a short walk.

8. You set the pace yourself

Not counting the speed limits, you’re the one who decides how fast or slow you travel. If you want to stick around at one place for 5 hours, no worries since you don’t have to adjust for buses or a tour itinerary.

9. Memories for life

When the trip is over, the experiences become memories, and from my own experience, some of my best memories come from road trips. You get to see so much in a short amount of time, and there’s always something random happening that you get to laugh at later on.

10. There are many beautiful rest areas along the roads

Some rest areas are boring with just a gas station and dirty toilets, but then there are also those rest areas with the most amazing views and scenery where you could spend hours, just relaxing and enjoy some food and drinks.

When we drove around in Austria, we found this spot for example!


11. You become a more spontaneous person after a road trip

It’s so much easier to be spontaneous when you have a rental car at your disposal. The easier it gets to go to a place, the bigger the chance that you say yes and go there. Spontaneity comes almost automatically when traveling on a road trip.

Personally, I’ve also noticed that once I’m home again from a road trip, I tend to say yes to more things and adventures.

12. Your self-confidence will get a boost while traveling on your own

Regardless if you travel on your own via car, bus, train, on foot or other means of transportation, you’ll end up with a boosted self-confidence when you travel on your own.

This is proved by several studies, and it’s quite logical. Because you plan everything on your own, and make sure that everything works out on your own. This results in a feeling of succeeding and that you’ve made an accomplishment.

13. You can drive towards nicer weather

When Christine and I traveled around Iceland in a campervan at the end of march back in 2017, it was cloudy several nights. This meant that we couldn’t see the northern lights, which was one of the reasons why we wanted to travel to Iceland in the first place.

Luckily, just 2 hours away, the skies were clear, and since we had our own campervan, we could drive there and after 2 hours of driving, we were met by the most magical natural phenomenon I’ve ever seen. It was truly something special to see the Northern Lights dancing in the sky.

norrsken tips

14. You’ll become better at handling stress and solving problems

Unexpected things can always happen while you travel, and that’s a part of the charm. The same goes when you’re on a road trip. A car might break down, the tires can get puncture, there might be traffic jams or closed roads. All of these unexpected things along the way will improve your ability to handle stress and solve problems.

This is something that is useful for the rest of your life!

15. Car games, car games, car games

If you’ve been on a road trip as a child, you’ve probably played some kind of a car game to make the time go faster. Many of the typical car games are some kind of a challenge where you compete to the others, so it’s best if you’re not a “bad loser”.

Some popular car games include: Counting cows, collect car brands, storytelling, yellow car and the numbers game.

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rental car momondo

Sometimes it’s cheaper to fly to the destination first and then rent a car

If you’re going on a road trip in Italy for example, and you start from Scandinavia, it doesn’t really make sense to rent a car in Scandinavia and drive all the way down to Italy. This will cost money, but also time. If you’re going on a road trip abroad, it’s most of the times more convenient to fly there and pick up your rental car directly at the airport.

Find a hotel or other types of accommodation

Have other suggestions on why you should go on a road trip? Leave a comment below and share your tips! 

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