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14 Delicious tapas dishes that I love

14 Delicious tapas dishes that I love

Tapas may be the best food invention if you ask me. Simple, fast and above all, a fun way to eat. Certainly it is good with a full dish, but with tapas dishes, you get the best of all worlds. Small portions and variations make it the perfect food to socialize and share!

I have spent a lot of time in Spain, so the love of tapas came quite naturally, and over the years I’ve tried a whole bunch of variations. Therefore, I thought it was about time I shared some of my absolute favorites.

Here you have 14 delicious tapas dishes which I love!

Gambas al ajillo

The first tapas that I tried the first time I went to Spain, and despite all the tapas variations I’ve tried, I still put Gambas al ajillo firmly in the top. In English, this can be translated into shrimp in garlic, and it’s really just what it is.

You get them peeled in a bowl with hot oil and various herbs and garlic. The only drawback is that you’ll have plenty of garlic breath afterward, but it’s totally worth it!

Tortilla Española

Classic Spanish omelet can be eaten as breakfast, dinner, and tapas. It is made with eggs and potato with different mixtures. The tastiest I have eaten was in Mexico, where we got a Spanish tortilla with zucchini, vegan cheese and spinach.

Chorizo al vino

The Chorizo is being cooked for a long time in red wine. Chorizo already has a distinctive flavor, which is further enhanced by red wine.

Pimientos de Padrón

Small peppers, fried and salted before serving. Ideally, they have a dark color. This is undoubtedly one of my favorites when it comes to tapas. Unfortunately, it’s not always that you can get hold of pimientos de padrón in Sweden, so I take every opportunity to eat as many as possible when I’m in Spain!

pimientos de padron


A cold soup that originated in southern Spain, the region of Andalusia. It’s a vegetarian soup and contents can vary, but usually include gazpacho: onion, tomato, garlic, cucumber, pepinos, Pimenta, all finely chopped and mixed with bread crumbs and poured into a bowl with the oil, vinegar, and water.

Queso Asado con mojo

A typical canary style tapas comprising grilled/fried cheese and the Canary mojos sauce. Easy and delicious!


Anchovies, fefferonis, and olives on a single stick. Together, you get a very interesting taste experience.

Papas Arrugadas

Small potatoes produced in the Canary Islands which are then being served with the traditional mojo sauce. A must when it comes Canarian dishes!

Serrano ham with melon

Only a few dishes fit so well together as serrano ham and melon. The salt from the serrano ham and the texture mixed with the sweet from the melon offer a taste experience out of the ordinary!

If you haven’t yet tried, you know what to order next time you are at a Spanish restaurant!

serrano ham and melon tapas

Higos con miel y queso

Like figs? Then you should try this tasty tapa. Stuffed figs with creamy goat cheese which is then being topped with honey.

Alcahofas al ajillo

In short, artichoke with garlic. Simple and delicious.

Chili Fried Halloumi

Halloumi is a Greek cheese that is ideal as tapas. Especially good if you fry it in some chili.

Patatas Bravas

Crispy potato with tomato and chili, and sometimes garlic. The potato pieces are medium sized and although this dish is simple, the Patatas Bravas is a real classic when it comes to tapas.


Fried calamari, which can come with various accessories and sauces depending on the restaurant and who cooks it, but often served with lemon.

calamares tapas

3 x tapas dishes that you must try!

If you only have limited opportunities to try some of these dishes, you should at least order these 3 tapas variations!

  • Pimientos de Padrón
  • Gambas al ajillo
  • Serrano ham with melon

If you want to be a little adventurous and get a different taste experience, I can warmly recommend Gildas.

What is Tapas?

Small portions of various dishes or snacks that are being served together. It’s common to order 2-6 pieces of dishes to share among friends and family. If you’re a bigger party, then, of course, you order some more.

Usually, people eat tapas in Spain but doesn’t necessarily need to be Spanish food to count as tapas. You can do tapas dishes from around the world cuisines, as long as it is small portions and several dishes.