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10 Things that tourists should start with asap

10 Things that tourists should start with asap

When staying at big resorts or all inclusive, it’s easy to miss out on great experiences. Many are spending a lot of time at the hotel and rarely even leave to explore the destination. You might leave and do the classic sightseeing, but do you go beyond that?

Some of my best memories come from meeting locals and finding my own hidden gems. I love attractions and historic sites, but I love even more to discover and do what the locals do.

This is of course not true for everyone, but in general, I think that tourists should start doing more of the following things in connection with the trip. I promise that you will get more memorable experiences and fun trips.

1. Learn the local phrases

Being able to say hello and other everyday things in the local language will always provide better and nicer treatment. You also show both courtesy and respect towards the country you are visiting and its people.

2. Eat at local restaurants

Local food tastes best in local restaurants where the locals eat themselves. Tourist Restaurants often have over prices, less food and worse service. do yourself a favor and avoid these and explore the local restaurants instead. Your travel will be more exciting and memorable already at the next restaurant visit.

Your travels will be more exciting and memorable already at the next restaurant visit.

3. Using public transport

It is both cheaper and more environmentally friendly to use public transport. Taxis are unnecessarily expensive and only beneficial if you are in a hurry or more people sharing. However, a rental car may be preferable in terms of price and time if you’ll be traveling around a lot.

4. Exploring on your own

Guided tours can be fun and educational, but it’s usually more fun to be exploring on your own. It’s also then you discover hidden gems and places that you will remember for years to come.

5. Stay at a homestay

Travelling locally is hip right now, and it doesn’t get much more local than staying at the home of a local family in the country that you’re visiting. Then you get to experience the everyday life and culture up close.

6. Check the prices in advance

As a tourist, you are vulnerable to people who charge excessive prices. But you can easily protect yourself from it by looking up the approximate price levels before leaving. If you don’t find any target prices, it may be good to ask the hotel or where you’re staying.

7. Try something new

To try new things is a part of visiting a new place. One travels often to experience and see new places. Do not miss the chance to try something new, and start by saying yes to new things, instead of no.

By saying yes you will end up in more interesting situations.

8. Book the trip on your own

Although charter companies and fixed packages are comfortable, you usually pay far too much for someone else to take care of your reservation. In many cases, you can save several hundred dollars, which can instead be used for something far more enjoyable.

It’s not scary or difficult to book hotels and flights on your own. Nowadays, it’s very simple and the options are way more. Here you can read more about the art of finding cheap flights and which ones are the best hotel reservation sites.

Still not sure? Please contact me, and I can help you find cheap flights.

9. Travel responsibly

More and more people realize the importance of responsible. But there is still something more tourists need to consider. So what does it mean to travel responsibly?

There are several categories that fall under this item, but some of the most common is the environment, animals and local impact.

Travelling responsibly when it comes to the environment means that you throw garbage where it belongs (not in nature or the sea). And to actively say no to activities that harm the environment and using the right sunscreen when you are bathing and tanning. When it comes to animals and to travel responsibly, you should boycott everything related to animal cruelty, such as elephant riding, horse and carriage rides, petting tigers, take photos with tied animals etc ..

Local impact means that you take your responsibility for sustainable tourism and make sure that the locals aren’t being used, both in terms of pay and working terms. Also, you should remember not to create higher prices by constantly accepting overcharge.

Last but not least. Treat others as you want to be treated and be aware that all are equal, whether it’s about animals, people or nature.

10. Interact with the locals

Don’t be afraid to talk to the locals. Many of them are just as curious about you as you are of them. In this way, you can make friends around the world and your journey is guaranteed to be more memorable. You’ll also have a chance to learn more about the local culture.

Maybe you’ll even invited to dinner or something else nice. It will be easy to stick to other tourists or for yourself, and that is perfectly okay. But then you miss a chance to experience the place you go to for real!


Tuesday 10th of January 2017

Lovely suggestions and by doing what you said you will really be able to experience the destination in a much better way and probably leave the place knowing so much more about the culture.

Alexander Waltner

Wednesday 11th of January 2017

Agreed. I'm seeing an increase of people who thinks the same, and people who travel to explore, not to escape from home.